Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Winner of the 2010 Ice Cream Cupcake Roundup (in honor of National Creative Ice Cream Day!)

Happy National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day!

We think the winner of the Ice Cream Cupcake Roundup this year also falls under a creative ice cream flavor, so we are excited that we are posting the winner today!

Voters had the following things to say about the winning cupcake in this year's Ice Cream Cupcake Roundup:
  • All I have to say is--this looks awesome!
  • I wish I had a dozen to snack on right now!
  • Yum, can't wait to make this!
  • Beautiful presentation--obviously made by a wonderful, loving chef that really knows cupcakes!!
  • OMG, this is mouthwatering.. I'm going to go out and make this right now.
  • Sounds super tasty, but not too out there! And perfect all year round.
  • Very creative, appealing, and perfectly executed cupcake!
  • This one makes me drrrrroooooool.
  • Its Sooo tempting... i wish i could just eat it out of my screeen :)
  • one of the best combos in a cupcake, my mouths watering just thinking about it
  • this cupcake looks like a little party in my mouth and I want to make them.
Still wondering which cupcake it was?  These comments might help:
  • This recipe brings me back to my fantastic trip to Seville!
  • Crunchy and creamy! The best combination ever!
  • I will definitely try to make come next Cinco de Mayo!
  • Wow! How different - usually we see cinnamon used in baked goods - these are so original!
And if you still haven't figured it out, this should do it:
  • I would absolutely dive into the Churro Pecan Icecream Cupcake! It sounds like a trifecta of yum!
  • Churros are my favorite dessert aside from cupcakes, so this one captured the best of the best for me :-)
  • If only they sold those Churro Pecan Ice Cream Cupcakes on the streets of Mexico City! Mmm mmm delicious!
  • The churro pecan ice cream cupcake has got to be the most fabulous thing I've ever heard of!
  • Cupcake+Churros+Cinammon = No Competition !
  • The churro pecan ice cream cupcake looks pretty, but not fussy. It seems like there would be great harmony in the flavors. And I like the idea of the crunchy churro texture and the caramelized pecans in the ice cream.
  • Churros are the guilty pleasure of any fair in Florida! Combined with the southern flair of pecans- sounds perfect to me!
  • In my opinion, the Churro Pecan ice cream cupcapke has a perfect blending of flavors and textures. This cupcake gets my vote.
  • They all look pretty great, but churros+pecans=yowza!
  • I love churros! I love pecans! Putting them together is one of the smartest things I personally have ever heard. I wish I had one of these right now!! :) The presentation is gorgeous, too!
  • MMmmm... Churros... 
  • Green Doxie should really open up a five star cup cake shop! She is creative in her makings! I want to buy all her cupcakes!

We will also be mailing an OXO prize pack to our other two finalists (The Ultimate Bacon Chocolate Ice Cream Cupcake by Stephanie of 52 Kitchen Adventures and Tiny Rainbow Sherbet Cupcakes by Jenn of JustJenn Recipes) and two lucky voters (Joy Sato and Christine (figgee.geo))! 

We wish that we could give everyone a prize.  It was such a close competition with so many amazing entries.  Congrats go out to all of our participants!

Thanks again to all of our participants, sponsors, and voters and to Stef at Cupcake Project for co-hosting and doing so much work for the roundup!

Cinnamon pecan ice cream that was used in the winning entry seems to be a pretty creative flavor (and a creative use of the ice cream as well), but keep coming back this month for more exciting and creative flavors.

[Scoopalicious is celebrating National Ice Cream month with a Post-A-Day throughout the month of July!]

Again, congrats to all!


Gini said...

Thank you! This is so exciting! I just saw the books on your virtual book shelve. Never thought of looking one up, now I will need to! Can't wait to make my own ice cream! My kids are going to be so excited.

Bethany said...

Congrats, Gini!...enjoy the ice cream books -- and fill us in on your ice cream making experiences!


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