Saturday, July 3, 2010

Amazing Ice Cream at Kimball Farm Westford MA

No better way to start off National Ice Cream month than with having ice cream and lots of it. Just so happens that on this first day of the month I was at a work outing at a place that is famous for its gigantic portions and udderly (excuse the pun) good homemade ice cream, Kimball Farm in Westford Massachusetts. This place is super fun for all ages. It is the quintessential jump in the car with the kids and head on down summer place...bumper boats, mini golf, batting cages, country store, arcade, and last but not least...homemade ice cream. See this picture above...apparently its a typical jam-packed summer night.

So after some mean games of corporate tug o war and then a not too shabby game of golf we regrouped for the highlight of the day, the ice cream. Since this was a private company outing we didn't have the tons of flavors available at their main counter but none the less we had some good ones. My choices were mint oreo (because mint is my favorite and if its there I have to have it), Kahlua Crunch, and Mocha Almond Assault (now after telling you my choices I guess we really did have some good options ).
I obviously had a mound o ice cream but I always have such a hard time just having one flavor. A coworker sits beside me with his favorite, black rasperry and we all went on about how could he just have that and even without sprinkles. How dare he...oh and then he went on about how Black Raspberry is his favorite but an old-timers favorite so we debated that for a bit. It is sort of old school when Ben & Jerry's has all these cool flavors now but its such a great classic. Anyways, back to mine. The Mint Oreo was fantastic. I love Mint ice cream that is white. It says I am not trying too hard and I am going to be good no matter the color. White mint ice cream also says natural to me but I am so sure if they use a flavoring instead but I would have to guess that is the case. So then I move onto the Kahlua Crunch...kahlua ice cream with chocolate covered toffee! And lastly the Mocha Almond Assault...and that is what it was...super creamy Mocha ice cream with almonds. I think the latter was my favorite. The sweet mocha ice cream with salty almonds was to die for. Definitely a keeper. (this photo below is a typical portion size..ouch!)

So even if Kimball Farm is over an hour away from my home its so worth a family road trip. If you ask anyone from Massachusetts if they've been to this infamous summer spot I have a feeling they can tell you some good memory of it.

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Janelle said...

My husband and I were going to go there on our first date and do bumper boats, but it was predicted to rain that day. We went to the Boston Museum of Science instead. We went to Kimball Farm later in the Summer though. We took several friends back with us over the next few years -- lots of fun!

commoncents said...

Thank you for posting this - I really like your blog!!

common cents


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