Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Part One - The Ice Cream Mega Ball Experiment

I first have to thank my awesome co-blogger for this fun gift, Ice Cream Revolution's Mega Ice Cream Ball. I swear every time I see this in a store I think about how fun it would be but its one of those things you just wouldn't buy for yourself so when Bethany surprised me on my birthday with this I was so excited! Basically its this ball that you add cream, sugar, and flavoring in the middle. Then add rock salt and ice in the freezing compartment and shake, roll, throw, rotate and do whatever you have to in order to self churn the ingredients to make soft serve ice cream on the spot. No electric, no eggs...just fun!

So why the two parts? Well basically because I can't say I took part in the first attempt at making ice cream with the ball so when I go camping next weekend I hope to bring you Part Two of my own personal experience of making ice cream in the woods.

So yesterday while at work I received a text from my summer sitter asking if it was okay to use that "ball thing" to make ice cream with the kids. Absolutely! It's fun for everyone. I was truly bummed that I couldn't be the first to test it out but I was excited to get home to see how it went. So I anxiously ran home and the first thing I asked was how'd it go? Hmmm....she said she vigorously shaked the thing for the 15 minutes it called for and when she opened it it had slightly frozen on the edges so she closed it and kept at it. One suggestion I had after checking out the Mega Ball's web site was to go on the trampline with it. It was a sure way to keep it rolling and shaking. So they kept rolling and shaking and when she went to open it back up she had closed it so tight they couldn't get it back open. My poor daugheter was so excited to try the vanilla ice cream they made so I went in and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried to get it open. Ugh..I now had to wait 3 hours for the husband to come home. And I was sooooo curious I went back in the freezer and tried more than once during those few hours as I was determined to see what was inside asap. No luck!

So finally....hours later its open and my husband comes in with a spoon and says "Now this is the kind of ice cream I like! It's icy and just reminds me of ice cream from when I was a kid (those years before premium ice cream was discovered by Sir Ben & Jerry)!" It is hard to truly give my opinion as we tried it after hours of the ball being in my freezer and the reality is you are supposed to eat it 20 minutes after shaking it yourself to get it to freeze. It should be a soft serve consistency but was slightly hardened when we got to it so I will wait to give you my true review when I can experience it as it should be.

I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to make this while camping. The kids are going to love it as will the adults I am sure. Stay tuned for Part Two...The Mega Ball goes Camping.


lyndsay said...

i as curious about this crazy ball thing too... in theory it certainly sounds like it would work, and it's a great little invention/cute idea!!

i am also wondering about those fancy frozen ice pop molds they sell at williams sonoma...

Brandy said...

When I was a kid we'd make "Kick the Can" ice cream - same idea, but using two different sizes of coffee cans, nested, instead of a storebought ball contraption. Then we'd, well, kick the can around the yard!


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