Monday, September 29, 2014

T-Wisted Frozen Yogurt

There's a gem of a frozen yogurt shop in Sudbury. T-Wisted!

My kids love it. They love choosing their frozen yogurt from the choices on the wall. They love the bright pink dishes and the colorful spoons. They love the toppings to choose from. They love the bench covered in strawberries and the wooden cutouts they can stick their faces in so they can be an ice cream cone or a pineapple.

I love it. The flavors are diverse and well, it's a frozen treat! And there are toppings galore. Who doesn't like a sundae bar?

But aside from ice cream, it's the atmosphere. When my four year old was supposed to have a playdate at the park with the other twelve four-year-olds in her class last spring, but the weather prevented it, we moved it to T-Wisted. It w as a weekday afternoon, so the shop was quiet -- well, until we arrived. The staff was so accommodating to our baker's dozen of preschoolers running around their store. I had left my Scoopalicious business card there to tell them to look us up (and check back for their write-up -- sorry for the delay, T-Wisted!) and they took the time and used it to email me about a water bottle our group had left behind. It's those little things that show you that a business actually likes interacting with people that brings me back again and again. 

And their engagement with the community is unparalleled. They have a great product. They really do. As I said, the kids and I love the frozen yogurt. But it's how they have made their space a community space that makes them special. It's the free movies they show in the summer. It's the way they hold fundraisers and give profits back to the schools or community groups. It's the weekly raffle they boast on their home page to encourage residents to "shop local." It's the student artwork that adorns the walls and rotates out regularly. 

I like ice cream because it's tasty, of course. But as I write this, I also recognize that ice cream brings people together. In the summer, groups might suggest meeting for an ice cream. Crowds gather around ice cream trucks. While I have never heard of a "hot dog social" or a "cupcake social," I have heard of an "ice cream social." And I think T-Wisted has embraced this to the fullest. Perhaps they are our modern day soda counter -- bringing people together to create a community.

Thank you, T-Wisted!

*My apologies for the pictures. I thought I had better ones but all of the rest had kiddos running through and since they aren't mine, I can't use them! 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dairy Queen Blizzard Battle: Pumpkin or Apple?

Are you Team Apple Pie or Team Pumpkin Pie?

That's what Dairy Queen asked Tina and I when they reached out to us about their Blizzard Battle! Though Tina and I are both pumpkin fans, when our contact offered to send us pumpkin or apple swag, we decided the best idea was for one of us to be sent pumpkin and the other apple.

So as you can see, I was sent a lovely package of pumpkin themed goodies, along with a couple of gift certificates to try the Blizzards.

to divide the swag though, so Tina got the apple swag and I got the pumpkin swag and we both got gift certificates to Dairy Queen to try the Blizzards. 

When I took my family, I opted for the smallest size of each of the two Blizzards so I could try both. Small is not, well, small. In this supersized world we live in, I shouldn't have been surprised. I don't think I could have finished one of the smalls, never mind two. Anyway, in the name of science, I ordered both and knew I wouldn't be able to finish.

As you can see at left, my girls thoroughly enjoyed some cones with rainbow sprinkles while I was there doing the hard work of research for our blog about ice cream.

And what's a trip to Dairy Queen without a crown?! (Actually, I think my oldest had been wearing that crown all day and it was pure coincidence that she was wearing it...!)

And in the end? Surprise! I was totally Team Apple! I loved the flavor and the cinnamon-y pieces of pie crust mixed in.

I wonder what Tina will choose as her favorite? Do we have to switch gear? Here's the swag that Tina got in the mail -- but last I heard she hadn't made it out to DQ yet to actually try it out! Tina...we'll be waiting!

And readers, we'll be waiting! Enjoy your autumn -- if you are a pumpkin and/or apple fan like we are, this is your season!

Both Apple and Pumpkin Blizzards are wonderful. I do suggest you head out to try them out before the season ends!


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