Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For those who haven't been stalking the judges' blogs to see who they voted for in the 2011 Ice Cream Cupcake Contest, here are the links to to the posts with their votes: Baking Bites, Bakers Royale, and Cakespy.

As a testament to how incredible our entries were this year (check them all out if you haven't yet), there was no entry that was unanimously selected by all three judges.  However, you'll notice that the S’mores Cupcake Ice Cream Sandwiches by Stephanie of 52 Kitchen Adventures as well as the Honey Hazelnut Cupcake with Gianduja Gelato by Vivian of Vivian Macaron each received votes from Nicole (Baking Bites) and Naomi (Bakers Royale) - making them the strongest contenders.  Since Jessie (Cakespy) didn't choose either of them, we decided that she should have the tie-breaking vote to determine the contest winner.

Jessie will be announcing her tie-breaking vote for the grand prize 2011 Ice Cream Cupcake Contest winner tomorrow on Cakespy!  I'll update this post when she does (or if you are Stephanie or Vivian, you can check her blog nonstop with bated breath).  Good luck to Stephanie and Vivian and thanks again to our judges and everyone who participated.

Let's take one more quick look at what either Stephanie or Vivian will have on their bookshelf in the near future:

From author Krystina Castella:

From authors Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough:

From Nicole Weston, author and contest judge:

From Jessie Oleson, author and contest judge (to be delivered upon book release):

From Bakerella:

From Emma Hand, creator of Snap Stories and designer of our amazing new Ice Cream Cupcake Contest logo:

A special thanks to Stef of Cupcake Project from us at Scoopalicious for all of her hard work (as always) putting this contest together!

Ice Cream Cupcake Contest: Second Celebrity Judging Review Posted!

Boy are we late to the boat on this posting..sorry :( seeing as the winner is about to be announced. Regardless check out what our second celebrity judge, Nicole Weston from Baking Bites, has to say about her top picks for the ice cream cupcake contest. Each judge has their own approach to choosing their faves and Nicole said she chose her top picks based on the combination of flavors as well as overall concept of the cake. Visit her blog post to see what ice cream cupcakes she chose as finalists...definitely some good choices and I have to of them was in my top three too!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ice Cream Cupcake Contest: First Celebrity Judging Review Posted!

Artwork Copyright © 2007 CakeSpy
Visit Cakespy's blog for the first celebrity (yes, Cakespy, you are a celebrity in our eyes) judging of the Ice Cream Cupcake Contest. She writes a wonderful review of her favorite entries!

We love her honorable mentions, too...two words. Andy. Warhol. Yes. You will have to visit her post to see what I am talking about!

Check back in the next few days for links to the other reviews and the final winner!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

60 Ice Cream Cupcake Contest Entries...WOW!

Was it the promise of winning a collection of cookbooks, could it be a sign of the increasing popularity of cupcakes (don't listen to those all-hype media stories about cupcakes being on the way out), or perhaps it was the excitement about this year's fabulous blogger judges Nicole Weston from Baking Bites, Jessie Oleson from CakeSpy, and Naomi Robinson from Bakers Royale? Whatever the reason, we at Scoopalicious along with Stef at Cupcake Project received 60 ice cream cupcake contest entries (double the number we received last year)! As usual, the entries were well thought out, hunger-inducing, and visually appealing.

Click here to view each entry if you are not seeing them below. Sorry for the confusion!

Below, you will find each entry along with a brief description and a link to either the blog post about the entry or the Facebook page where the entrant provided the recipe.  If you've got some time (hours), check them all out now!  Otherwise, we encourage you to bookmark this page and return for inspiration the next time you want a unique and icy cool cupcake.

A note to our entrants:  The judges are working on selecting their favorites now and they will decide upon a winner by the end of the month.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Only 2 days left to WIN an amazing library of cookbooks! Enter by JUNE 15

Wow the entries that have already come in are truly amazing and we can't wait to see what all you others are holding out on us for. The 2011 Ice Cream Cupcake Contest sponsored by yours truly and Cupcake Project ends in two days on June 15th so be sure to get your entry in today to WIN a truly amazing cookbook collection.

Need details? Check out our original post for details and to see the awesome prizes.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Scooper Bowl 2011

We went out on Tuesday to the Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl, the ice cream event of all events, as it was the coolest day forecasted of the three days the event was in town. And thank goodness we did because the next day was about 100 degrees and then on the last day there were severe storms and they had to shut Scooper Bowl down all together. Total bummer for those who were planning on attending on the last day. S0 we got there at about 12:15 and it was CRAZY busy. The lines to get to the ice cream were deep, and there was kind of a lot of pushing to get up to the counters and then back out with your flavor. Next time we'll be a little smarter and wait a couple hours after the gates open to avoid the mad rush. Check out this rough video of the scene:

Later on by about 1:15 pm or so the crowds seemed to calm down and though there were still a number of people milling around each stand, it wasn't as hard to get in to grab the flavor you wanted. Thank goodness because we've been pretty lucky in the past of getting at all the flavors without the extra elbows.

We went with three honorary Scoopaliciousers and two of the wonderful three actually helped us review the flavors. Thanks CSR and CAR! See below to hear what we thought of all the great flavors we tried.

Note that those without comments means we didn't get a chance to try them. Amazingly one truly can eat only so much ice cream in one sitting, even us!

line was so long at first and by the time we got back we were too full :(

Lucky Mint
Firehouse #31

S'More the Merrier (didn't try at SB but did recently try and its soooo good)
Oreo®Gold Rush

Ben & Jerry's®

Americone Dream

Late Night Snack
TAS:  Great texture as B&J always does. Good but not memorable.
CSR: interesting but not worth the calories
CAR: agree with CSR; I prefer some of the other flavors with salty mix-ins like "everything but the..."
Milk and Cookies
TAS: Love the added mix-in of the cookie dough..I was so full at this point I hardly remember...coma time
BSS: Cookie's 'n Cream with Cookie Dough...not a brand new idea, but still two flavors I really like, so...not going to complain. I wish the cookies were bigger.

Bonnaroo Buzz
TAS: YUM....I love the slight flavor of whiskey and coffee ice cream is one of my faves. This is a keeper for me.
CSR: the toffee bits were the highlight, after they were gone it really wasn't worth the stomach ache

Ciao Bella Gelato®

Chocolate S'mores  
BSS: The first one of the day! Didn't taste too s'mores-y to me, but it was still yummy. I only really recall tasting the chocolate. Liked that the base was chocolate, which was a nice change from the usual vanilla base I have made it in. I must also admit that the one I picked off the counter was completely melted so my review is a little warped.

Mango Sorbet
TAS:  Hot seller at the booth. Overheard comment.."..this would be great to use for a summer cocktail" ..I might just have to try that
BSS: The last one of the day. Refreshing!

Wild Blueberry Sorbet  
CAR: My favorite of the day; rich, natural blueberry flavor

Key Lime Graham Gelato
TAS: Not overly tart and just the right touch of grahams. Great smooth texture..I LOVE this as I've said before. Def a fave of mine not just here but in general  
CSR: #1 favorite by a long shot
CAR: I had just a taste of CSR's and it was delish! Great texture and flavor
BSS: Verry light and refreshing tasting. Not usually a key lime fan, but this was a real treat. I wouldn't have picked it normally, but it was so crowded I was taking whatever I could get!


The Original Rocky Road
Cookies and Cream
Orange Sherbert
Espresso Chip


Vienna Mocha
Mocha Chocolate Chip
Rocky Road
Nuts over Caramel
TAS:  The caramel ice cream was awesome....prefer less nuts but the combo of the walnuts and the caramel was good
CSR: delish although I think I could have done without the nuts

Hunka Chunka Peanut Butter Fudge  
CAR: Tasty; if a little light on the PB flavor
BSS:I liked this! It had the Friendly's peanut butter that I LOVE. Kind of an ice cream version of my favorite sundae.

HP Hood/Brigham's®
Hood Frozen Tangy Yogurt Rasberry Vanilla

Hood BoSox Brownie
CAR: lots of soft brownie bits!
BSS:good but actually kind of reminded me of Cookies 'n Cream/Oreo.  
Brigham's Oreo  
CSR: classic

Brigham's Mocha Chip  
CSR: I wish I didn't waste the room in my tummy!  

SoCo Creamery
Mexicali Chocolate
Dirty Chocolate
TAS: First impression (never heard of SoCo Creamery prior)...super premium. SO smooth and velvety and amazing chocolate flavor. I prefer ice cream with mix-ins but this was phenomenal  
CSR: deadly
BSS: LOVED. So rich and amazing. I'm a new fan of SoCo after trying this one flavor!
Espresso Cookie
TAS: Not too strong and awesome smooth texture....this place rocks. Glad they came to SB  
CSR: Would have liked some cookies crumbled on top :)

Berkshire Berry  
CAR: okay, but VERY subtle, like fruit-on-the-bottom grocery store yogurt

One of the highlights of the hour we spent there was meeting Bryan from team Ciao Bella (Thanks Jess for making the connection....that's him above) and the lovely employees at Ciao Bella. They truly are just as fun and approachable as their product.

We thought this was fun too, the "Text your Favorite Flavor" idea. A fun way to keep all the ice cream lovers engaged. I would love to know what flavor got the most votes. I just looked around their site and FB page and saw nothing. Oh well :(

UPDATE: We have a winner....Ciao Bella's Mango deserving!

Despite the crowds, the Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl 2011 was a blast, we tried some new flavors, we ate way too much ice cream, and even Violet, who only got to people watch (not eat ice cream) enjoyed the event! And most importantly the event raised $358,596 for the Jimmy Fund. WOW!

See you next year Scooper Bowl 2012!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blue Bunny spotted in Chicago...FREE coupons

Not paying any attention I practically knocked over Miss Blue Bunny on Michigan ave in Chicago. Lucky I did because she was handing out coupons for free Blue Bunny product that can be used only at Jewel-Osco stores (these stores are located throught the midwest). We are giving away all three to the first person to comment about your favorite Blue Bunny product.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ice Cream Cupcake Contest Deadline is 8 days away

The deadline for the 2011 Ice Cream Cupcake Contest, June 15, is right around the corner.  Enter for your chance to win an entire library of cookbooks . . . check em out at the end of this post!  WOW! 

All the information you need to enter is in our original contest post and amazing entries have already come in. Check them out on Cupcake Project's Facebook page.

Win this library of cookbooks....enter by June 15!

Prizes from:

Author Krystina Castella:


Authors Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough:


Nicole Weston, author and contest judge:

Jessie Oleson, author and contest judge (to be delivered upon book release):


Emma Hand, creator of Snap Stories and designer of our amazing new Ice Cream Cupcake Contest logo:


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