Sunday, July 4, 2010

Churn Up Some Red, White and Blue

Election Day 2004, I headed to the nearest convenience store in the North End and found a carton of fabulous red, white, and blue ice cream. I think it was this no name brand and probably fake fake fake, but I really liked it. I have never found it since.

I guess we are on our own to fulfill our red, white and blue needs this year BUT judging from what I found below, I think this recipe will leave me having had forgotten that carton of fake ice cream. 

A google search brought up this fabulous cake, its only downfall being it's not great for July fourth picnics because it can't just sit out on the picnic table.

The photo at left (taken by Zoe Singer for Epicurious) says it best -- um, yum! Layers of blueberry and strawberry sorbet and lemon ice cream separated by chocolate cookie crumbs (or candied ginger, but not being a ginger fan myself and loving chocolate cookies, I have to ask why would you do the ginger?!), and topped with fresh, local fruit, this cake is not only gorgeous to look at, but looks amazing to eat. 

The recipe was created by Gabrielle Carbone of The Bent Spoon (Artisan Ice Cream and Good Ingredient Bakery) in Princeton, New Jersey. Um, I need to go there!

Head over to Epicurious for a great article about The Bent Spoon, its owners, their love of local (and for that alone we love them!), the recipe for this cake (including separate recipes for each of the ice cream/sorbet flavors), and Carbone's ingredient secrets (with a great little blurb about making creamy ice cream).

I know I can't make this for the Fourth of July picnic I am attending, but I do think I will be trying this one out sometime soon!

[Scoopalicious is celebrating National Ice Cream month with a Post-A-Day throughout the month of July!]

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