Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Uber cool pop makers by Zoku

These are the cutest pops I have ever seen! Not sure if I am now noticing popsicle makers because I have a 5-year old who loves Popsicles or if they've always been out in droves this time of year but lately I have been seeing so many make your own popsicle products out there on shelves. Most are your typical pour some liquid in, place the stick portion in, and freeze but this one looks so cool. A company based in Hoboken NJ, Zoku, came up with these super fun popsicle makers, the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. The product itself has superior design over any popsicle makers I have ever seen and according to the site the pop freezes in seven minutes oh and without electricity. Wow!

Apparently just like an ice cream maker it has a canister that you must freeze and once frozen you take it out and pour your liquids directly in the molds and voila...popsicles in 7 minutes right before your eyes. And because it freezes instantly you can be super creative with layering colors and flavors and even freeze a shell to pour another flavor into. Can you say creamsicles...yum! Not sure I'd spring $49.95 for a popsicle maker when I can use the $1 version I just got at Target but this unit is super cool and could be lots of fun. It's the instant factor that is so intriguing. Check out the magic in the Williams-Sonoma how-to video on their site. Pretty cool both literally and figuratively!

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Ivy said...

This IS really super cool! It's a little pricey for popsicles though.


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