Monday, July 27, 2009

Turkey Hill Holds Virtual Ice Cream Party on July 29

Turkey Hill is so thoughtful -- they're holding a huge ice cream birthday party for me...don't tell them they are three days off -- I know they worked so hard to organize it...Oh, wait, no, I think it's just a big party for everyone!

This Wednesday, July 29th, Turkey Hill's blog, Ice Cream Journal, is holding an online ice cream party...Grab your favorite Turkey Hill Ice Cream (preferably one of their limited edition flavors) and head over to Ice Cream Journal at 8 PM EST and to chat with other Turkey Hill lovers and comment about your flavor!

Visit their blog for more info on the shindig...

I'm interested to see how this goes -- I've never been to a virtual ice cream party.

If only I weren't hosting book club...


Turkey Hill Team said...

I tried to tell them to wait three days so we could have the party on your birthday, but the blogging powers that be weren't budging on the date. It should be a good time though. We'll let you know how it turns out!

Bethany said...

Ah, no worries since I was actually a day off on my birthday -- it's two days from today, not three! Silly me! If I can't keep it straight, how should I expect YOU to?

bath mateus said...

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