Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Day of National Ice Cream Month 2009

As I wrote last year, July 31st has become extra bittersweet for me. It used to just be the fact that the summer was half over on the negative side, and my birthday on the positive side. For the past two years though, the end of National Ice Cream Month is another line item on the negative side!

On the brighter side, it's been a full and exciting month -- a new recipe from Spice Dish, a new member of the Scoopalicious team, an ice cream TV show, a guest post on Astronaut Ice Cream, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck...and much more...

And yes, I love the Library of Congress collection. Look for more images from the LOC in upcoming posts.

Image from Library of Congress.


Tina said... coblogger! She took on a month of posts solo as I took on a new little one who craves moms attention way too much. Hopefully he craves ice cream like we do one day too! Huge thanks to B for her hard work and I hope everyone following along on our ice cream journey enjoyed every last day of our National Ice Cream Month posts.

Unknown said...

Aw, thanks, T! Hope things are going well!


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