Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sundae Sunday

I have to admit, when I make my ice cream, I usually don't put all the fixin's on it, because I like it it in its pure form. But sometimes a sundae is just the right treat.

There's a sundae that I share a passion for with my mom and my cousin Dan. It's a Friendly's creation. The problem is (or is it?) that they only sell it in their five scoop sundae, which is usually a bit too much for me. It's the Reese's® Pieces® Sundae which they describe on their site as "... vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and marshmallow toppings, hot fudge, a mound of whipped topping and a cherry. Topped off with delicious Reese's® Pieces® ." Ordering it smaller isn't that easy. Dan and I have been twice and the first time they left off the marshmallow! This didn't make us too happy -- while we still enjoyed the marshmallowless creation, we did agree that it was all the ingredients together that made this one so wonderful. In the picture at left, Dan is clearly enjoying every last drop of the marshmallowless sundae so it can't be too bad. Or maybe Dan just sees the world through rose colored glasses...

What's your favorite sundae?

Side note from the trip: We went to the Meadow Glen Mall for our first Reese's® Pieces® Sundae trip. The Friendly's is tucked away among the shops so you have to go through the mall to get there. On our way out, we passed a Mini Melts machine. We didn't get any while we were there (too full on sundae) but they looked a lot like Dippin' Dots. I'll have to go and try them out some time soon so I can report back!

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Anonymous said...

you'll have to tell me whether the mini melts are like dippin' dots because dippin' dots are my most favorite of all time!!! :)

and i like the reese's peanut butter cup sundae from friendly's but i always got it with their vienna mocha chunk ice cream instead of vanilla. yummm! you cannot beat their peanut butter topping :)


Ice Cream Forum said...

I've actually been unhappy with Friendly's lately. On my last visit they didn't add whipped cream to any of the sundaes (maybe they were out? They should have said something), they brought us raspberry-flavored ice tea instead of regular, and when I asked the waitress for unflavored ice tea she brought ice tea that tasted like coffee. The Forbidden Chocolate sundae must have been left standing with the hot fudge sauce for a bit because all the ice cream was melted by the time I got it. etc. etc.


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