Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sucre Shop Giveaway!

Update: My hugest apologies to Brooke of the Sucre SHOP -- I made a typo in the title and called it Sucre Chop (which I have since remedied). So sorry!

I am just winding down from my annual ice cream party and am excited about our final giveaway for National Ice Cream Month.

The fabulous Brooke of Sucre Shop has generously donated a set of ten dishes and ten spoons as a giveaway for Scoopalicious. These products have been featured in People Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and Redbook! Thank you so much, Brooke!

We are in love! The paper dishes are designed by Brooke and are of quite a generous size. The spoons are super fun and colorfully printed. Perfect for a small gathering of friends when you want dishes that are cute and fun but don't want to be doing dishes after all your friends have gone.

I was tempted to order some of the awesome custom spoons from Sucre Shop: "Bethany is awesome..." they'd say. Haha! Just kidding. Seriously, I was actually thinking they would obviously be great at a wedding but could also be super cute "business cards" printed with "" How fun would that be?!

A friend just told me she thought the spoons would also make excellent popsicle sticks -- how cool is that? A super fun stick to hold onto while you cool off with your popsicle?! Love it!

We are trying out a new way to enter  (see below!)-- and you can get multiple entries this way! Please enter by August 3rd! Thanks for playing! (Please note that the spoons may be a different pattern than those pictured!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. Congrats to Terry for winning the Ben & Jerry's giveaway!

(Photos by Brooke of Sucre Shop.)


amy beth marantino said...

it mostly depends on my mood. normally i have a cup... but every now and then a cone is what i need to hit the spot. example: day out on the boardwalk=cone.

Just For You Sweets said...

I've just made some ice cream and these would be great for an ice cream party

Family Travels on a Budget said...

CONE -- waffle cone to be exact. Though I prefer sorbet in a cup. I have a picky palate, I guess :)

melismama said...

Cone for sure! Nice and fresh and crisp!

Amy said...


Em said...

Definitely a cup! No melting all over the fingers :-)

Nancy Munce said...

I am a cup girl but I have a great appreciation for cones - especially the dipped in chocolate variety!

gail said...


Anonymous said...

pretzel cone all the way!


vinay bhardwaj said...

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