Wednesday, July 18, 2012

America's Best Ice Cream

What's a more perfect match than a road trip and ice cream on a hot summer day!? I have the fondest memories of riding in the hatchback (yes in I'll admit I am a product of the 70s when seatbelts were non existent and my mom and Dad let us open the hatchback in the way back and lounge back for the ride!) and going for ice cream on our way to go camping, to the beach or just out for the day. It's the memories of HoJos for Mint Chocolate Chip in a baseball cap cup that are still as vivid as ever. Many things may have changed a lot since then (like um seatbelt laws thankfully!) but some things sure haven't like America's universal love for Ice Cream.  

US News Travel brings us America's Best Ice Cream list. Have you stopped at any on your road trips? We are excited that our own local Toscanini's makes the cut! Ooh and I've been to Capogiros in Phili which according to their website was named National Geographic's Coolest Places to Eat Ice Cream. Hmmm..not sure I totally agree...very cool place and awesome gelato but environment, although cool, wasn't list topping IMO.Guess who tops the list?

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