Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Cape's Sundae School rocks!

Awhile back I had the great pleasure of experiencing a Cape Cod staple, The Sundae School. And as the title of this post says, Sundae School Rocks! I have to admit I am a New Englander but one who really hasn't made it to the Cape all that much in my life as us Rhode Islanders tend to go south to our beautiful RI coastline instead. But friends of ours just bought themselves a great Cape house and we spent our Memorial Day weekend relaxing and checking out the sites, one of which we were told was a must...The Sundae School.

Nestled in the awesome town of Dennisport this landmark opened in 1976 by of course, a school teacher, thus the "school" reference and in an awesome renovated old barn. I totally love the vibe of this place being surrounded by loads of ice cream memorabilia, a great old fashioned ice cream parlor feel, high energy, lots of families, friends, kids, and lots of ice cream. And this place was insanely busy. Granted it was Memorial Day weekend but we got there at 9pm on the Saturday and there was a line to just get in the parking lot and there were parking attendants flashing you down. They really need valet. They'd make a killing!

Onto the ice cream...I don't think I even had a choice. I was talked up so much to about the Coffee Oreo Cookie that how could I not get it. So as usual I had to try two so it was Coffee Oreo and Chocolate Peanut Butter...and all homemade I must make clear. Even though this place does killer business they still pride themselves on making fresh batches was awesome!

Love the Sundae School and when on the Cape make it a to do. They actually have a few locations so stop in. And as I quickly found out the Cape has an ice cream shop every half mile (no joke) but seriously Sundae School Rocks....fresh homemade ice cream...yum!

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