Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Trails to You!

My awesome younger sister, Arianna, emailed me today with some news...Maryland and Eastern Connecticut also have "ice cream trails" (just like New Hampshire!). She said she thinks only these three states are part of the trend, but like me, she hopes other states follow suit! Apparently these "trails" are a take off on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, which I wouldn't have known about unless I read the article Arianna found later in the day...) -- I know ice cream, not liquor!

So, Maryland's trail is quite small (only seven shops) with a special focus: on-farm ice cream. As stated  on their site: "Maryland has seven dairy farms that offer fresh, delicious on-farm ice cream. Together, they make up the newly minted Maryland's Best Ice Cream Trail."  Maryland's trail also has a contest attached. If you are into geocaching (or even if you aren't, now's the time to get started!), get your passport (found in the PDF flyer) stamped at each location, mail it in, and you could win some prizes!

Connecticut's trail focuses only on the eastern part of the state, but it covers thirty-nine ice cream locations, and has a pretty cool map (click on the numbers on the map for more info about each location). In addition to their great brochure, they also have some super special picks (Hockey Fight -- "cherry vanilla original featuring white chocolate chunks as teeth and shredded Bing cherries as blood" -- anyone?) on their site. Maybe the best part of Connecticut's trail? The name. Sundae Drives! I love it.

My sister already suggested a road trip -- I'm totally game.

Graphics courtesy of marylandsbest.net and mystic.org.

[Scoopalicious is celebrating National Ice Cream month with a Post-A-Day throughout the month of July!]

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