Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Peach Ice Cream Day!

Peach Ice Cream Day is a pretty specific holiday, but I guess it is a combo of two things at their peak -- peaches are so seasonal and have only a short window of enjoyment each year, and ice cream, while popular year round, certainly shines in the summer when it's hot out. It seems only natural that they be combined into a holiday.

In the past we've posted peach ice cream recipes (or failed to in some cases -- sorry!), but I started wondering where we can get packaged peach ice cream...I started searching some of our favorite brands...here's just a sampling...
Hope this gets you started and gives you a jumping off point for celebrating the holiday!

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arianna said...

Mortonsen's in Newington, CT has a peach ice cream and they will package anything that they have made that day into pints and quarts for take-home! Their peach is year-round; they use local ones in the summer months and import them from a specific source during the other seasons.

I am going to write you a Mortonsen's post to talk more in-depth about their amazing list of offerings, soon!!!


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