Monday, July 30, 2012

Short but Sweet (Let's Link Up)

I have a ton to do today but can't miss the second to last National Ice Cream Month 2012 post...SO I am going to post a few links to things I have been meaning to post to forever...

First we have a nice recipe for Ten Minute Soft-Serve You Can Make in Your Food Processor. Thanks for sending, Dad!

Next we have a super cool link to dozens of photos of Vintage Ice Cream Trucks. This is amazing -- you could spend hours looking at this post. (Again, thanks for sending, Dad!)
I chose this image from the site because I love what it says: "Eat a Plate of Ice
Cream Every Day" -- For sure! Originally posted on
Then there is the super fun graphic, The History of Ice Cream Timeline. As you know, I love infographics and ice cream -- what could be better than this? Maybe an edible ice cream infographic...? Ok, maybe I am stretching a little. Maybe there IS nothing better. Thanks, Sister A for sending!

Finally, another link from Sister A: Ice Cream in a Baggie. Super cool!

I have a great family and great friends who keep me abreast on the latest ice cream findings -- the problem is, I am not the greatest at keeping up with posting!

Have a great second to last day of National Ice Cream Month and come back tomorrow for a guest post from a dear sister!

(Also, keep coming by in August. We already have two giveaways planned!)

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Food and Things said...

I love the photo of the vintage ice cream truck. FYI, I'm the author of Ice Cream: A Global History (Reaktion Books). I'd be happy to send you a sample chapter or vintage recipes from the book.
Laura Weiss


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