Thursday, May 7, 2009

Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream Challenge

Yah for Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties and yahoo for putting them in ice cream! What fun I recently stumbled upon at our local creamery, Lizzy & the Enchanted Creamery in Cumberland RI. Local girl scout troops each were invited to the back end operations of this shop to learn how to make ice cream with their prized possessions, the infamous Girl Scout cookie, and to then be engaged in a fun contest against eachother for a winning flavor. Where was this fun idea when I was a proud Brownie eons ago!

So the basic idea was that each troop had to come up with their creative concoction that must contain Girl Scout cookies and to then make tub fulls to compete against others. The public was then invited to come and buy a scoop, or two, or three of their favorite flavors and the flavor that had the most gone at the end of the day were the lucky winners whose flavor was placed on Lizzy's menu as the prestiged "Flavor of the Month". How fun!

So as we headed into the shop the girls were outside in full force promoting their flavors with flyers and just creating a buzz....true marketers in the making! And then the hard decision happened as we cruised inside and saw all the options. What to choose...something with my obvious favorite Thin Mint cookies or go for something different? As usual I always have to have two scoops of different kinds cause I feel that if I get only one I am missing out on another. This way there is no disappointment or its just a good excuse to have more!

My final decision...scoop #1 was Brownie Power Troop 218 which was chocolate and vanilla ice cream with Thin Mint and Thanks-A-Lots mixed in and scoop #2 was Caramel Cookie Explosion Sundae which was a mix of caramel ice cream with Caramel Delights, Shortbreads, and fudge swirl. Wow....lots of flavors in one dish! Both were super creamy and had lots going on...almost too much to truly enjoy a single flavor but then again lots to really savor..who can complain! I think my only criticism was that the caramel flavor of the ice cream almost tasted more like maple for some reason but it was good regardless. My friend chose the MVPeanut Butter Explosion which was vanilla ice cream with Peanut Butter Patties and fudge swirl. It was good but they were a bit stingy on the cookies which were the most enticing part so it seemed more like fudge swirl. But hey, they are a bunch of 10 year olds just learning the tricks of the trade so I give them all high fives for coming up with some creative flavors and for just having fun doing it.

In all what a great idea to teach these girls the value of good ideas, good business, marketing, entrepeneurship, and some friendly competition at such a young age....oh and how to make ice cream too of course! And even better that I got to benefit from it all!
Sadly enough the Girl Scout cookie season has ended but I luckily purchased a few boxes that they were also selling and have them stashed away to make some ice cream with so stay tuned for my future flavor of the month.


Turkey Hill Team said...

Girl Scout cookies plus ice cream? Two of the best things on Earth!

Ice Cream Forum said...

Where are the Girl Scouts when you need them? I never got contacted through their web site though I submitted my email address twice. I even posted on Craigslist pleading for some troop to sell me some cookies, no dice. I ended up buying six boxes off eBay and hoarding them in my freezer.

Tina said...

Seriously I felt this same way. My husband bought two measly boxes from a coworker that we quickly ate so when I found them at this event I also hoarded mine in the freezer! Great minds think alike!


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