Friday, May 22, 2009

The Ice Cream Machine - Cumberland RI

How in the world does a homemade ice cream shop less than 10 miles away from me, rated one of the best in RI, go unnoticed? Sad I know but I luckily had a brainstorm this Mother's day. 

So its Mother's Day and I tell my husband all I want to do today is get ice simple goal and if didn't happen he knew the trouble he could be in, especially since I am pregnant too! And that's what we did after unsuccessfully trying to fly a kite. When all else fails, head to the ice cream shop and I had a grand idea... to head to a place we've never been together as a family, The Ice cream Machine. 

For some reason I never think to go to this awesome homemade ice cream hangout not far from home, The Ice Cream Machine in Cumberland RI. They have almost 60 amazing homemade flavors, famous ice cream pies, and huge servings. It's rated one of the best in RI and that you can tell by the very long lines. 

Wow, so many flavors and so hard to decide. I finally made a decision to go with Brownie Batter and Mocha chip with hot fudge and whipped cream. I was very intrigued by the brownie batter because I have never seen that flavor anywhere and it was one I was actually going to attempt to make myself since I love Cake batter. How different can it be?! And I also love coffee ice cream (its a RI thing I think!) so the Mocha Chip was always on my mind. It's always that or Mint Chip. Unfortunately in this picture the whipped cream covers up all huge scoops of ice cream this delivered but you can see how yummy it looks and that it was. I was SO happy! The brownie batter was super smooth and as expected tasted like the batter I like to lick right off the mixer and it actually had chunks of homemade brownies and the mocha chip had just the right amount of coffee flavor, not too strong, and rich chocolate chunks. The neat thing is, is that the site tells you the ingredients for each flavor so I can try to replicate...if that is even possible. Or at least get some ideas. Definitely check out menus from your favorite ice cream huts....they truly inspire new ideas in the kitchen.

And as for my counterparts, my daughter had the strawberry (with M&Ms of course!) that was super refreshing, creamy and full of fresh strawberries and the hubbie loves his rootbeer float. All in all it was a fab Mother's day and I know it won't be another 15 years til I get back to the Ice Cream Machine. This place is awesome and I have all summer to go through 60 homemade flavors!


Janelle said...

Have you ever visited Kimball Farm in Westford, MA? It's got bumper boats, mini golf, and homemade ice cream that is soooooo good.

Tina said...

Love Kimball company outing was always there and I so looked forward to the ice cream. Definitely worth a visit this summer.

Anonymous said...

You might also try Ben & Jerry's versions:

Brownie BatterCake Batter-Russell G.

Anonymous said...

Let's try those links again:

Brownie Batter

Cake Batter

-Russell G.


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