Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hershey's Premium Ice Cream at Hogie's Sweet Shop in New Hartford, Connecticut

Ok, so I just lost a huge part of this post, so bear with me as I try to rewrite it. I am wondering if I should reconsider where I write my posts so this doesn't happen!

Ok, but that isn't about ice cream, it's about Blogger, so back to the ice cream post.

A few weeks ago when visiting the fam, on our way home from dinner at Blue Sky Foods , we stopped at Hogie's Sweet Shop on Main Street in New Hartford.

My family is a great hope with this blog by the way...they often seem to suggest stopping at an ice cream shop for the goodness of the blog. Thanks family! And a special thanks to Arianna for always remembering her camera and for the awesome photos!

You'll notice that Hogie's has one of those freezers in the front where you can see the kinds of ice cream to choose from. I love those. I am such a visual person, I love to see what I am choosing. However, oddly enough, only some of the ice creams were in the front case, the rest were in the back. This was kind of frustrating. I mean, I almost rather all were in the back. I want to see all of my options or none of my options.

Though the little shop looked like a place that would carry homemade ice cream, it actually carried Hershey's Ice Cream. I was looking forward to trying it, because I had always seen small cartons of Hershey's Ice Cream at the bodega by my old studio, but I had never tried it.

Ater some heming and hawing over their extensive menu (see further down in the post), I finally decided on Cherry Chocolate Cordial (black cherry ice cream with thick chocolate fudge and real black cherries with cherry filled chocolate hearts.). The ice cream was creamy and rich, and I love the combo of cherries and chocolate. A kiddie cup was even enough for me!

As you can see in the menu at left, not only do they have an extensive listing of flavors, but they also had some pretty unique ones. I decided to head over to the Hershey's site to give you a glimpse of some of Hershey's more unique flavors. Please keep in mind Hogie's only carries some of these. Hershey's has quite an extensive collection of flavors and even Hogie's long list of flavors is only a fraction of what Hershey's offers:

  1. Royal Red Velvet Cake (Classic baked red velvet cake blended in a cool cream cheese ice cream with vanilla créme.) -- YUM. Wish they had that. This brings back fond memories of the first time I ever had red velvet cake (thanks Christina -- it was amazing) and the yummy red velvet cupcakes at Stacey and Clint's wedding. Couldn't stop eating those!
  2. Sinfully Amazing PB Pie (Rich peanut butter ice cream filled with peanut butter cups, peanut butter flakes and mixed with a delicious chocolate pie crust.) -- Too bad Husband missed out on this one. This sounds almost as good as the Peanut Butter Pie I make from the New Basics Cookbook.
  3. Playdough (Bright yellow vanilla ice cream with hot pink and blue sugar cookie gems.) -- Ah, they had this at Hogie's, but the name just turned me off. It reminded me too much of eating, well, play dough!
Gosh, that is only the beginning...

Looking at the Hershey's site and being a huge cake/cake batter ice cream fan, I was disappointed to see that Hogie's didn't carry either Birthday Cake (cake flavored ice cream with a whipped cream spiral and confetti cake pieces) or Birthday Batter (ultimate cake batter ice cream exploding with sprinkles)...OMG, if they had carried both, I would have had a scoop of each...heaven!

Something else that is important to note (and I am not sure if I ever mentioned this before in an older post) but Hershey's Ice Cream is not related to Hershey's Chocolate. In fact, Hershey's Ice Cream says this right on their site. The thing that interests me is that they are both from Pennsylvania and their logo is pretty similar. I wonder if they were ever related?

One final note about Hogie's: they don't have a website. From the web searches I did, it seemed to me they have two locations (Main Street in New Hartford and Willow Street in Winsted) but neither have much of a web presence at all.

Would I go to Hogie's again? Sure! Would I buy a carton of Hershey's Ice Cream if I saw it again? If I could find those fun flavors!

Note: All ice cream flavor decriptions are taken from the Hershey's Ice Cream Site.


EB said...

I'm kinda anti-Hershey's but those flavors sound like they really need to be recreated in my kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Must warn you to avoid trying the Royal Red Velvet Cake flavor. It is surpremely habit forming. I find myself making "necessary" trips to my neighboring ice cream pushers to obtain my fix. Besides having lovely little red velvet cake bits floating in the cream cheese ice cream, there is a ribbon of vanilla cream running through that really makes it work. I notice that my local Jubilee grocery store stocks Hershey's ice cream, and the Royal Red Velvet Cake flavor is available in pints. (TMI?)

Bethany said...

EB: this is not related to Hershey's Chocolate.

Anon: oooooh, i might have to "avoid" it next time I can find it. It sure isn't common to find it around these parts! Where are you located? Never TMI when talking about ice cream!

Bethany @ Scoopalicious


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