Friday, July 29, 2011

Black Raspberry Gelato

I wrote about The Ultimate Frozen Dessert book a week or so ago. I mentioned I made the raspberry gelato, only I used black raspberries and upped the amount of berries from two to three cups. I made it a couple of weeks ago and hadn't tried it since it ripened (hardened).

I was making the gelato for my annual ice cream party. As a rule, I make the ice creams/gelatos/sorbets in advance of the party and don't taste them again until the party. However, my dear friend Lisa was visiting from Colorado and she wanted a tasting since she is never around for the party, so I let her, as long as we didn't leave much of a mark. We tried a few of the flavors and I asked her what her favorite raspberry gelato. As I had tasted it too, I had to agree that it was pretty darn good.

So then I did the unthinkable (especially since I still have tons of ice cream to make for the party) -- I suggested we each have a dish of it. But first, I had to call my parents to see if they had more berries for me to take from them, so I could remake the gelato for the party. Thanks to my parents for looking in the freezer to check -- they do have another quart! So...Lisa and I dug in.

This gelato is not only gorgeous but it is amazing. It's rich and sweet, while at the same time being light and refreshing, if that is possible.

I do suggest you try it.

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Smulansbakblogg said...

where is the recipe?would like to try this out


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