Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Scream 2010

I think I mentioned it before, my husband Kevin (our most recent team member who we are anxiously awaiting a post from) and I are due to have a little baby girl in August. However, this being  when the annual I Scream Party usually is, we decided to have it early this year.

I am also having back and rib pain thanks to our little girl and it's hard to be seated for long. Standing or lying down are ok, though, so since I couldn't do as much designing or art as I'd have liked, but I wanted to feel productive, I actually made a lot more ice cream than I planned on (since I can stand while making it!). I think we had 46 flavors this year, six of which were brought by guests, six of which were made with help from Rachel (who also took the photos that grace this post), one which I made with the help of Kevin and Claudia (because no one can candy bacon like Kevin does! -- well, maybe David Lebovitz can...) and the remaining 33 which I made myself...

Below is the feedback from the flavors this year. (There is always voting, but this is the first time I actually put it in a table because guests ALWAYS ask about it...) Over time, I will try to get a list made up of the recipes -- either where I got them (if I remember), how I made them (if I remember)...but this will take time so if there are special requests to get things up faster, do let me know...

Name Kind
Never Again
Ice Creams
A Chip off the Old Blueberry Blueberry Chip 1 11 2
Arianna and Bethany's Little League Bubblegum Nerd 4 6 5
Bangin' Basil (made with Rachel) Basil 8 4 4
Bog-olicious Cranberry 12 6 0
Brew Ha Ha Coffee 7 4 1
Cotton Candy Squared Cotton Candy Cotton Candy 6 4 6
Dad's Delight (Any Way You Slice It) Fruit Slice Ice Cream 5 8 5
Dentist's Dream (made by Jenn) Dark Chocolate Cashew Brittle 6 5 1
Don't Step on the Moose Munch Moose Munch 9 11 1
Dr. Seuss's Green Apple and Mint (made with Rachel, assisted by Spice Dish's recipe) Green Apple and Fresh Mint 4 13 6
Ernie's Birthday Cake Oreo Oreo Cake Batter 11 5 2
Fairy Floss Cotton Candy 5 7 3
Float Cream Soda 7 8 3
Fluffer's Fantasy Fluffernutter 8 8 2
From Modena, with Love (made with Rachel) Balsamic and Black Pepper 4 8 3
If At First You Don't Like It, Chai, Chai
Again (made with Rachel)
Chai 6 11 2
Joan's Joy Licorice 1 3 8
Kevin and Claudia's Carnivore's Dilemma (made with Kevin and Claudia) Maple Bacon 7 7 2
Lemony Snickett Lemon 9 4 1
Liam's Lavender Lavender 6 8 4
Liz Lemon Dances the Merengue Lemon Meringue 13 4 1
Malt Assault (made by our very own Tina!) Chocolate Chunk Malt Ice Cream 8 6 1
Men Overboard Molasses Broken Ginger Men 2 9 5
Monster Mash Chocolate M&M Pretzel Marshmallow 6 8 3
Need a Moment? Twix 10 7 0
Nuts for Nutella Nutella 15 3 1
PB & B Peanut Butter Brownie 7 5 3
Rocket Berry Cheesequake (made by Jenn) Berry Cheesecake 11 2 0
Strawberry Fields (and White Chocolate)
Strawberry White Chocolate 7 8 1
Tea Party Green Tea 3 6 7
The Affair (made with Rachel) Chocolate Salted Almond Caramel 9 3 3
The Key to My Stomach (made by our very own Tina!) Key Lime Pie 9 1 1
There's Always Room for Vanilla Jell-o Vanilla Jell-O Pudding 3 6 5
This Is What Made Fats Domino Fat Blueberry 3 8 3
Vixen Va-Va-Voom Red Hot Cinnamon 5 3 2
Vying for First Chocolate 8 5 0
Whopper: Have It Your Way Malted Milk Ball 10 6 0
Mets Madness Blueberry Caneteloupe 2 6 1
PDA Blackberry 7 9 1
Taquo's Mojito Virgin Mojito 7 8 3
Tea with the Queen (made with Rachel) Earl Gray 4 6 6
The Beard's Racy Rhubarb Rhubarb 7 7 4
Tropical Paradise Tropical Fruit 3 10 0
Orange You Glad I'm Sherbet Orange 9 4 1

Sister Arianna thinks that the voting categories are a bit vague -- maybe I'll have to change it next year. I see what she means. I mean, "like" and "love" are kind of one extreme and "never again" is totally the opposite, with no in between. Maybe neat time we could rate it from 1-10? I don't know. I'll have to think about it. Maybe I could use the ice cream rating guidelines I saw somewhere -- it looked kind of like how one might rate wine. But that, too, seems a little extreme for a party. Maybe I just have to rename the categories for voting...

Creative names are courtesy of my family...Mom, Sarah, Arianna, Dad, and Liam. Liam and Dad can take credit for any of the names that are somewhat, um, racy.

I enjoyed charting the results this year. I LOVE charts. I am such a geek. (I think there are some spelling errors/typos...you'll have to ignore those...)

The charts are below. However, you'll have to click on them for a better view, as the set up of a blog is not conducive to that many flavors of ice cream.

Well, I am off to have some Ernie's Birthday Cake Oreo...


Kelsey B. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Also, I LOVE this chart. I made a webisode the other day about making Strawberry-Mint Ice-Cream and thought of you. Happy summer mommy-to-be! (ps - it is really fun to have a baby girl first, the clothes are so much fun!)

Marsha said...

I am in awe. That is some serious dedication to ice cream. :)

Bethany said...

Thanks Kelsey and Marsha! Kelsey, I'd love to see the webisode, as I am sure our readers would as well, but when I click on your name, it says you have no profile. :(


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