Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Which state consumes the most ice cream?

This is the question I found myself in the middle of during a lunchtime debate and of course the group looks to me as the expert and this time I came up empty-handed so I had to look it up. Everyone's guess around the table was Massachusetts. Well maybe we're a little biased seeing as that is where everyone guessing was from and all they can recall are New England summers and ice cream. What's a summer here without it? Then we thought well maybe it's one of the warmest states? Or is it a state known for having lots of dairy farms? I thought it was Alaska, as noted by Turkey Hill back on 2008,  but trends may have changed because it seems like the Northern Central States keep coming up in my searches as the most ice cream consumed per capita. Unfortunately no specific state has been targeted but that narrows it down a little bit at least. My lunchtime crew is going to be disappointed. I wish I could say Boston is at the top of the list of cities with the most ice cream consumption but Portland, Ore., St Louis, MO, and Seattle, WA come out on top. Oh well this just gives us more reason to eat more ice cream to come out on top next year.

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