Thursday, July 14, 2011

SONIC Ice Cream Social

My daughter Violet is 11 months old now. I say this because before she was born we got a gift certificate in the mail to hold an ice cream social at SONIC. Violet being my first baby, summer came and went, but we never made it to Sonic. Fall came, and in October I gathered my husband, Violet, and six dear friends, and we headed to Sonic. It was our first time to SONIC and I was under the impression that in addition to the car service, there was also a seating area. I was wrong, and felt badly for having dragged my friends to an outing that had us sitting in two separate cars while we enjoyed ice cream, which is partially why I saved this post until the spring when the weather would be more promising for an outdoor gathering between the cars. However, what a great group I was with. There were four adults (Claudia, Yenny, Kevin, and me), one teenager (Veronica), three kids (Rebecca/8, Alex/6, and Sammy/5) and one baby (Violet) -- all girls except for Kevin (He loved it. The girls love him!). We parked next to one another, and I climbed out of our car and into the car with Yenny, Rebecca, Alex, and Sam) and Claudia and Veronica joined Kevin and Violet. We placed our orders, the girls (and I) watched excitedly as our food was delivered by carhops on roller skates and then we spent the next hour enjoying our frozen treats and scrambling between the two cars. The weather was a bit cold but we were still able to enjoy the experience nonetheless.

Kevin enjoys his SONIC shake.
The ice cream was good and though I think they only had vanilla soft serve, they offered it in a variety of ways -- with mix ins or syrups, in a shake or in a soda. The girls in the car with me ordered solely ice cream treats, but the gang in the other car also ordered food as well. When I asked Kevin if the food was good, and he replied "yeah" in a tone usually reserved for "duh" -- as in, "yeah, Bethany, it was. I can't believe you need to ask."

The ice cream was good, and the servings were huge. The "cups" (though they weren't really cups, but these funny containers) were so full it was hard to open them without making a mess.

Eight ice cream treats and three meals later, we still had money left on the $50.00 gift card. Enough money to go up to SONIC a few weeks later to get dinner on a new-parents-friendly date, a date you an bring your new baby on and you don't have to worry about disturbing others if she starts to scream. ("N-no, Violet, we are here for ice cream, not you scream.")

The weather is warm again, and Violet is older, so it's due time we planned another trip to SONIC! Yum!

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