Friday, June 12, 2009

Winners Announced for the Cupcake Project/Scoopalicious Ice Cream Cupcake Roundup 2009!

I just want to begin by again thanking everyone for participating in the 2009 Ice Cream Cupcake Roundup - our 35 bakers, 650 voters, and 8 prize donors! We are so excited with all of the participation!

If you won a prize, please email stef at cupcakeproject dot com with your mailing address and phone number within the next week.

Without further ado, I present you with the winners:

Reader's Choice Award

This prize goes to the cupcake that received the most reader votes. It was a close competition, but the winner was Carrot Cake Ice Cream Cupcakes from Little Big Cakes.

People had some great things to say about these cupcakes; here are some highlights:
  • I really like carrot cake and this one looks perfect!
  • After a lot of scrolling and wiping the drool from my mouth, I was finally able to narrow it down to this one and the Vegan PiƱa Colada Ice Cream Cupcakes from Cookies and Candids. There were a lot that I loved that were yummy looking as desserts. But part of the appeal of cupcakes, for me anyway, is the instant satisfaction. No cutting, no dishes, no utensils, just peel and eat. The carrot cake seems like it would have a lot of flavor yet is still simple to eat.
  • Carrot cake with pecan ice cream sounds awesome! Simple, but great.
  • Are you kidding? Do you really have to ask? Just bite into a cake from Little Big Cakes! I can just look at the picture & smell it... makes my mouth water.
  • Great flavor combo and the picture was really appealing.
  • It's simple, and classic, but with a twist. I love that it's not over thought, and the finished product still looks clean and delicious!
  • It is the one I would most like to make, some others were so beyond my cooking abilities.
  • I love carrot cake and this cupcake has all the best elements of carrot cake in a neat little cupcake!
  • Because the cake may be 'little' but the taste is 'big'!
  • Mmm scrumdiddlyumptious!
  • I loved how neat and perfect looking it looks (like a fancy Reese's) - plus Carrot Cake & Cream Cheese icing is one of my favorites.
  • Can't go past carrot cake!! I am sitting here eating my low fat yogurt but dreaming it tastes like carrot cake ice cream cupcakes!!!
  • It's a simple, traditional flavor. And not too flashy or over the top. Less is more! I would love to buy dozens of these!!!

Prize: 12 pack of gourmet cupcake wrappers from Bella Cupcake Couture.

Editor's Choice -- Cupcake Project

Stef chose Fragola Tiramisu olio d'oliva Gelato Tortatina (Strawberry Tiramisu Olive Oil Gelato Cupcake) from Little Ivy Cakes as Cupcake Project's Editor's Choice. To find out why, head over to her blog!

Prize: Cupcake tote bag from Avocado Creations.

Editor's Choice - Scoopalicious

Selecting Editor's Choice was no easy feat. We wanted to choose them all. In fact, after seeing ALL the amazing entries, Stef, Tina and I even suggested getting rid of Editor's Choice and only having Reader's Choice. We knew we couldn't actually get rid of the Editor's Choice since it was part of the roundup, but we really all had a very hard time. In the end we selected Chocolate Raspberry Baby Cupcakes from Inspired Creations.

There was much to love about these cupcakes. First of all, the size was seemed to me they would be neater to eat than your average ice cream cupcake. (Though in all honesty, isn't part of the fun of eating sweets is that it is ok to be messy?!) Also, the size allowed for one to eat more without feeling as guilty...I know, I know, it's all relative. Best of all, you get all flavors in one bite without fail. What's nice about this is that it is the perfect number of flavors combined, so the combo, while rich, is just right. I also imagine that the mini-ness of the cupcakes allows for the fresh berry not to get lost among the richness, creating a nice balance of flavor.

The flavor combo itself was just wonderful. Chocolate and raspberry is a match made in heaven. The combo is also reminiscent of a childhood favorite of both of us: black raspberry ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. This is kind of the "grown up" version.

Though the ice cream was not homemade, I didn't have a problem with this, especially since it was local and looked wonderful piled high in those containers.I like the fairly simpleness of this recipe, so that we can make it at home. I also think the recipe would allow for nice I sit here getting sick by overdosing on fresh cherries, I picture a cherry-vary...On that note, the presentation was good, and I loved the step-by-step writing so we can all make them at home. A recipe is not as fun or enticing without pictures (even though I am horrible at remembering to take pictures along the way) so that was an added bonus, and to me especially, quite impressive!

I could go on and on, but honestly, I am pratically jumping off my chair to go make them as I write this.

Prize: 12 pack of gourmet cupcake wrappers from Bella Cupcake Couture.

Entry Prizes

All of the remaining prizes were chosen using a random number generator ( We tried whenever possible to give out one of the top three choices selected by the participants. However, in the cases where those prizes were already assigned, participants were given whatever prizes remained. Several lucky participants were randomly selected more than once (you'll see who you are)!

Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream Cupcakes from Yumsilicious Bakes
Bag of cacao nibs from Patric Chocolate.

Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream Cupcakes from Cupcake Muffin
Prize:Prize pack from Just Jenn Designs and pack of eight cupcake birthday cards by Bethany of Scoopalicious.

Lovelight Lemon Raspberry Sorbet Cupcakes from Sweet & Saucy
Prize: 4x5 illustration from Cakespy and cupcake pendant from Krissi's Mixed Media Arts.

Frozen Raspberry Truffle Cupcakes from Krista Joy
Prize: 12 pack of gourmet cupcake wrappers from Bella Cupcake Couture.

Choconaners from Cherryspoon
Prize: Bag of cacao nibs from Patric Chocolate.

Rocky Roca Ice Cream Cupcakes from Sweet & Saucy
Prize: Bread mix from JB Dough.

Fragola Tiramisu olio d'oliva Gelato Tortatina (Strawberry Tiramisu Olive Oil Gelato Cupcake) from Little Ivy Cakes
Prize: Bread mix from JB Dough.

Couch Peanut Cupcakes from Res-o-puh-leese
Prize: Bread mix from JB Dough.

Voter's Prize

This winner was randomly selected from those of you who voted in the roundup. The winner was Tiffany Kanis.

Prize: Pack of eight cupcake birthday cards by Bethany of Scoopalicious.

Congrats to all the winners! Keep on bakin'!

Scoopalicious wants to give Cupcake Project a big thank you for all her hard work. She did most of the writing (such as this post) and the prize procuring. She's full of enthusiasm and creativity, even well into her pregnancy. Thanks much, Stef!


inspiredcreations said...

Way Cool! Thanks for choosing my Chocolate Raspberry Baby Cakes...can't wait to receive the cupcake wrappers!

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

I won a random entry award. Yayyy. And you're giving me my first choice. :)
You guys rock!


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