Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Scoopalicious in Woman's World

Check out our unique ice cream recommendation in this week's Woman's World magazine...so fun!

Woohoo for Woman's World! As we head into summer, all the food pubs are chock full of summer desserts to bring to that next picnic and in Woman's World this week they highlight our own favorite summer treat (well for us, year round!) ice cream in a great article, "You deserve the best...Ice Cream." And excitingly they rang us up at Scoopalicious for our own recommendation of a unique summer flavor and we had lots to say.

As you'll read (run to the newstand now and get your copy, page 35), its a short but sweet and tart write up on one yummy, unique, and refreshing summer flavor we love. It's comes from one of our favorite ultra-premium brands, Ciao Bella, and its one of their unique and intensely refreshing flavors, Key Lime and Graham Cracker Gelato. A must try this summer if you can find it at a local market or if you are lucky enough to have a Ciao Bella shop nearby. Their gelato and sorbets are amazing but not always easy to find as they are a smaller boutique brand but so worth the hunt. I was lucky enough to try it in NYC where you can find a few shops. As I said we had lots to say and also had many other unique flavors to rant about so we'll be sure to fill you in on them all this summer.

Check back next week
for my own Key Lime and Graham Cracker Ice Cream recipe that you can make yourself at home. Just churned it tonight and I am dying waiting for it to freeze. You'll love this one as we head into summer.

If you actually ended up here from the write up WELCOME and come back often for lots of interesting ice cream news, recipes, highlights, contests, and pure ice cream fun!


CaSaundraLeigh said...

I am a fan of Woman's World and was so excited to see you guys in the mag--what an honor! Keep up the awesome and (yummy) work!

EB said...

Check you ladies out!!! Congrats!!!!

Sammy j. said...

I just got a pint of the Key Lime and Graham Cracker Gelato (Ciao Bella) over the weekend and it is in fact absolutely incredible!!

Thanks for the yummy tip :)

Bethany said...

Thanks all! We were so excited to have such great recognition! It certainly was an honor! Check back for more Tina expertise in WW on August 1...


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