Monday, April 27, 2009

Celebrate 75 Years of Carvel with a Free Iceberg!

It's that free ice cream time of year. All the shops seem to want to get on board.

Join Fudgie the Whale in celebrating 75 years of Carvel by going to your nearest Carvel shop on Thursday, April 30th from 3-7 pm for a free Iceberg!

What is an Iceberg? I didn't know either. An Iceberg (in the Carvel sense of the word) is soda with ice and vanilla flavoring blended together, then topped with a scoop of ice cream. Sounds good!

Happy birthday to Carvel! Thanks for years of fabulous birthday parties with ice cream cake!

Oh, as an added silly note, check out the Carvel Management page. Scrolll down to learn more about Cookiepuss and Fudgie the Whale!

1 comment:

Cakespy said...

OK, I read the title too quickly and thought they were giving away iceberg...LETTUCE. Now wouldn't that be funny. I'm curious about the Sweet Iceberg now though!


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