Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pickles & Ice Cream anyone....lip gloss that is!

Now officially into my third trimester (yes baby on the way and believe it or not I had an aversion to ice cream in my first trimester..thankfully that ended!) I not too long ago received a sweet surprise in the mail from my favorite coblogger, Bethany. It was these wonderful lip glosses she found on another one of our favorite sites, Etsy, and the flavor of the gloss was so appropriate for an ice cream loving mom to be....."Pickles & Ice Cream"!

I know, sounds gross for lip gloss and I can't say I've actually had pickles and ice cream yet during this pregnancy but if I did I hope it tastes as yummy as this lip gloss does. It's super soft and sweet just like I like my ice cream and it is from her so fun "Gift in my Belly" gloss collection...I love it!! Check em out....Ella Dean's lip glosses are super fun and are made from scratch with all natural vegan friendly ingredients and have the best creamy texture. Oh and fabulous illustrations and quirky stories to go along with each flavor. I love how creative these are and there is a gloss for every occasion...after a long New England winter and 7 months of no cocktails I think I need to get myself the "Summer's Pina Colada at the Beach"....ahhhhhhh can't wait!


Stef said...

I didn't realize you were pregnant! How exciting! Did you see my pickle and ice cream cupcakes?

Tina said...

Didn't realize you were pregnant either! I am just ahead of you due July 9th and can't wait! Your cupcakes are hysterical and you should use that for the cupcake appropriate!! I love the photos!

Turkey Hill Team said...

What a coincidence! Pickles and ice cream was one of the flavors we were considering for our fall 2009 line-up. (Kidding, of course.)

Cakespy said...

That is hilarious! AND--congratulations!! OMG!

EB said...

Holy cow lady! Congrats!!


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