Friday, March 7, 2008

Local shop gets 15 minutes of fame

A small ice cream shop, Lizzy & the Enchanted Creamery, is tucked away in the corner of a small strip mall in Cumberland RI.  A rather hidden and local gem. Two young woman, one with a passion for ice cream(thatta girl) and the other children's books, put their minds together and opened this unique shop... half homemade ice cream and half books & toys. The fun part is there is a stage and play area in the back where they offer story time or kids can go to dress up and just use their imagination.  I still wonder how they survive with what I would consider not the greatest location, but they do and after having the peppermint ice cream I can see why.

So every Friday I plan to bring my little one to storytime but never make it. It's this last Friday that I plan to have girl's night out with her and realize its not a normal night at Lizzy's as camera crews hover and people overflow out the door. Come to find out ABC's hit show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, is in town and are holding a fundraiser for the family and the best part is that it will be part of the episode(so look for us in the back, it airs in May!). So we crowd into the tiny stage area where the show's designers read a special book about the selfless act of fostering children. The family whose house they were rebuilding foster children and were going to be taken away due to high levels of lead in their home so the book was very appropriate. It truly is a show with a heart so if you haven't gotten sucked into reality TV like me this one isn't so bad. So with a book read, cameras rolling, and kids screaming it was time for ice cream. 

With utter chaos surrounding me, it was hard to pick from their many unique flavors so I stuck with my tried and true peppermint. It was deliciously creamy and refreshing. I let me little one choose her own and she of course went straight for the blue ice cream. Interestingly enough the flavor of it was creamsicle. Not what I expected and with each bite it just seemed odd(yes, I think I ate more than her!). Although very good, the color was throwing me off. Amazing how the looks of something can change how it tastes.

So what turned out to be a simple night for storytime was rather exciting and best of all we got some yummy ice cream. I'll be sure to revisit and come back with more reviews of the flavors. There were too many to choose from and all homemade. Check 'em out if you're ever in northern RI.

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Cakespy said...

Ooh, celebrity ice cream! I'll be looking out for it in In Touch Weekly! :-)


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