Sunday, March 23, 2008

Forget the hot dogs, make it an ice cream block party!

Oh the signs of summer are not far blooming, grills going, playgrounds bustling, and good old neighborhood block parties around every corner. While some of us dread the 'get to know the neigbors' events there are many who need just one more excuse to gather the Jones and Smiths. I would dare to bet that no matter what camp you live in, if there's endless ice cream you may have to think twice about skipping this shindig. For the fourth year, Edy's Ice Cream, is giving 1,500 people a scoopin' good time, an ice cream block party for up to 100 people in their neighborhood. So if its an excuse you need to meet the cute neighbor or to get to the bottom of who stole your trash cans, search no more. Nominate your neighborhood today.


scoopalicious said...

I just learned this, who knew?...

Dreyers Ice Cream is the same as Edy's Ice Cream. Each markets their products in a different part of the country.

So if you are in a different part of the country, and enjoy Dreyer's instead of Edy's, if you win, it will be Dreyer's you will be enjoying!

a.times.4 (Alana and Alex on Agatha in Agave) said...

I won!!!

got a note today that my 'hood, Agave, in Austin, TX won the Dreyer's "coolest neighborhood in the US" ice cream block party.

I know I put some date in August...but they said they'll contact me within 10 days with the date and packet.

I was googling to see who else they picked since their note said my entry was "a grand prize winner" but I dont know yet!


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