Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ten Ice Cream Birthday Clubs -- Complete with Free Treats!

My original post today was going to be about about the chocolate Oreo ice cream I made, but my camera was dying as I was trying to get pictures and I don't have too much to say about it anyways, besides that

1. I found it too rich -- even for me, Miss Sweet-tooth! (vanilla Oreo is so much better)
2. It's not too difficult to make. I made a chocolate base and added a bag of crushed Mini Oreos when it was almost done freezing.

Ice Cream Birthday Clubs
Aside from that though, there wasn't much to tell, so since it is another favorite blogger's birthday coming up next month (yes, my fabulous co-blogger, Tina), I thought I would get her ready by sharing a bunch of ice cream birthday clubs to join! (If you know of others, please please add them!) So, here they are in no particular order...
  1. Cold Stone Creamery. National, all ages. Sign up with a Cold Stone account and you can add up to five family members. Within seven days of your birthday, (seven days prior and seven days after) sign into your account and print a coupon for a free Creation. Coupon must be used during those fourteen days.

  2. Baskin Robbins. National, all ages. Sign up to receive a free 2.5 oz scoop on your birthday. There are no FAQs about this club, so all I can tell is that you can add additional family members. I am not sure how long you have to use the coupon, because I have yet to celebrate with Baskin Robbins, but I imagine it is similar to that of Cold Stone.

  3. Friendly's. East Coast locations, all ages. This site doesn't have too much information, but says "You'll get the chance to sign up for the Friendly's Birthday Club -- and you'll receive a special e-offer two weeks before your birthday." One thing to note is if you sign up within fourteen days of your birthday, you may not get the offer until your next birthday, so go ahead and sign up today!

  4. Brighams. Massachusetts and New Hampshire, for kids up to 12 only. Kids get a birthday card along with a free kid's meal and kid's sundae.

  5. Glacier Homemade Ice Cream. Colorado and California, all ages. Sign up to receive a free ice cream cone or small gelato.

  6. Carousel's Ice Cream. Maryland, all ages. Carousel's "will send you a special birthday gift for your birthday."

  7. Belfonte Ice Cream. Missouri, all ages. Sign up to be eligible to receive a free half gallon of Belfonte ice cream. (With six proofs of purchase you can also send away for a free ice cream scoop. You can get started on collecting the UPCs with your free ice cream!) Sounds like this ice cream is only found in the Kansas City area.

  8. Marble Slab Creamery. USA, Canada, and Middle Eastern locations, for kids up to 12 only. Free child size ice cream cone with mixin.

  9. Ed and Eddie's Homemade Ice Cream. Tampa, Florida, up to age 15. Good for a single scoop. "Pass" is good for 10 days.

  10. Kirsch's Ice Cream. Massapequa, New York, all ages. Sign up to receive a free gift on your birthday. "If your birthday occurs this month or next month, please mention you are new to the birthday club when you visit us in-store on your birthday."

And, don't forget the pooch!
  1. Frostbite Ice Cream. National mail order, all ages. Coupons for a free doggy cone and $3.00 off a doggy ice cream cake. Though the concept is pretty neat, this site was hard to navigate and had a flash site that was slow to load and had annoying noises...My patience wore and so I wasn't exactly sure where to get the ice cream, though I do know they are headquartered in Boston.

  2. Frosty Paws. Found nationally in grocer's freezers, all ages. Birthday card and coupons for doggy treats.
Of course, this is just a sampling of places to get spoiled on your birthday...perhaps in the future I'll have a part two of more local places that have birthday clubs, but in the meantime, with a number of national scoop shops with birthday clubs, you are bound to have plenty of ice cream on your birthday!

Illustration by Bethany Schlegel. © 2008.


Cakespy said...

I love this! Only, you titled the post incorrectly--it should be "Jessie's To Do List" ;-)

Bethany said...

Jessie, when we do part two, I will name it that, just for you! (BUT, if you know of any other places, please send along names and/or urls!)

arianna said...

Not so much a club, but here's a coupon for Carvel if it's your birthday:


arianna said...

lemme try that again:

Carvel Birthday coupon

arianna said...

And Baskin Robbins:

BR Birthday Club

arianna said...

sorry for all the comments but i keep finding more!

Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club
- includes an email coupon on your birthday
- you can also kind of become a "taster" for them & help determine new flavors, etc.

arianna said...

d'oh sorry i just noticed you already had the BR one listed, whoops.

i'll just add this one more in place of it:

JP Lick email signup
- the link on the main page includes mention of "birthday gifts" and they say they "want to celebrate your birthday!"


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