Monday, February 4, 2008

Contest Winner and A Few More Fun Products!

Both Tina and I have been sick so we have been a bit missing from blogland, but I figured I'd write a short post today. I have a couple of pretty fun interviews slated for the next couple of weeks, and I hope to blog about some ice cream making I have been doing...

So...the contest winner was my sister (and fairly so, since she was the only one who answered)! You can always count on family to enter in contests...Here are the couple of good stationery finds from Arianna. (Thanks, A!)

Arianna directs us to Just Jenn Designs, who sells a set of six flat cards that includes a lollipop and an ice cream cone (three of each of the design) for just $8.00! I think my favorite part is if you flip the card you get a nice little lined writing space with images of sweets screened back to write on! Simple and elegant, these cards are perfect for writing that short little note just to tell someone you are thinking about them.

She also sends m
e over to Gingerbread City's Cafe Press shop for a surreal ice cream cards, straight out of Candyland. These are a little less simple than the cards I would usually choose, but they sure are fun!

Lastly, she found some super fun ice cream items at Fred Flare, simply by doing a search on "ice cream". Perfect for the ice cream stationery posting, she found a great set of sweet cards, in which one of the card pairs was an ice cream cone (at right) paired with a gumball machine. These cards by Jack and Lulu are called "scratch and sniff" but it isn't clear from the site whether yhey actually smell or whether they are just called that because they are reminiscent of the scratch and sniff stickers of our childhood. Either way, I love the simplicity of the design, even though they price in steeply at $8 for two cards.

Well enough from me today!

When the weather gets a bit warmer, Tina and I have plans to head over to some local scoop shops for some sweet treats -- and I sure am glad this warm weather is only a few months away!


Cakespy said...

I really like the "Just Jenn" ones! Cute finds as usual.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Thanks for the comment!

Cute blog :D


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