Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sweet Notes and a Contest with Sweet Rewards

Last fall I wanted to write some notes on ice cream note cards, and I had a heck of a time finding anything I was really excited about. Since then I am constantly on the look out for nice ice cream stationery to say "Thank you for the nice ice cream scoop" or "So glad you came over to chat over ice cream." Cupcake cards, as beautiful as they are, are popping up all over the place, but, my frozen treat friends, ice cream cards aren't so easy to come by.

I found a few cute cards on Etsy as well as some more commercial products, but the pickin's, though wonderful, are slim.

It was these cards on the right by Chronicle Books that I ended up using last fall in my search for ice cream notes. This box of twenty note cards (five designs repeating four times each) features ice cream signs along the highway taken by San Francisco based photographer Troy M. Litten. These cards remind me of summertime drives, pulling off the highway for a spontaneous ice cream treat.

As a lover of stickers and ice cream (I know, what am I, six?) I was thrilled to find the cards at left by Potter Style, an imprint of Random House. The blank ice cream cards work wonderfully on their own, but you can add some flare by sticking strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate chips and things of the sort all over the cards. Luckily, they don't have sprinkle stickers, so you don't have to stick teeny sprinkles one by one! [I also found these on buy.com, amazon.com, and many other places after doing a google search on "ice cream note cards".]

Seasoned Etsy member Marilyn Patrizio has some super fun ice cream cone notes in her Etsy shop. What could be more fun than a smiling ice cream cone? You can buy them singly or as part of an assorted set, or if you just want to stare at those little faces all the time and not send them away, you can also buy the cones on the cover of a notebook.

Canadian artist Rachael Herbert of Rubyfaz on Etsy also puts a smile on our faces with her smiling ice cream cones. Whether you want to write someone a short short note, or add an adorable gift tag to a package, Rachael's mini cards are just the answer. Rachael's website is also beautifully designed and features some great work, and her blog is super fun as well. I was just so enamored with today's posting of Flossie.

* C O N T E S T *
Reply to this post with a link to your own great ice cream stationery find and you will be entered in a random drawing for a coupon for a free pint of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Send all entries by next Monday, February 4th and be sure to include an email so I can contact you if you are indeed the winner!


arianna said...

this isn't my only entry by far i'm sure, but these are cute!


i know they're not solely ice cream, but i think the "hey, sweetie!" is adorable, and i love the simplicity.

more to come, i'm sure!

and, you know my email. :)

arianna said...

also, this guy's work is kind of creepy, but i thought you might find it interesting, haha:



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