Monday, August 1, 2011

Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Bars

Lisa, who I mentioned in yesterday's post, reminded me of something I have been meaning to bring up: self-serve frozen yogurt bars (I think that's what they are called...)

Please note (especially you, Ashu) these are very different than tart frozen yogurt places like Pinkberry I have blogged about before. These bars are: Self-serve. Tart or Creamy. Tons of toppings.

When I was visiting my inlaws in Prescott, Arizona, they took Husband and I to my first self-serve frozen yogurt bar: Frozen Yogartz. While I had never heard of them before, Lisa says there are a bunch of them in Boulder, Colorado as well.

 Photo by uhhhlaine.
Used under the Creative Commons License.
It's a fun concept. You choose a flavor of frozen yogurt and pump as much of it as you want into your container. At Frozen Yogartz, there were about ten flavors to choose from, some of them permanent, some of them rotating. Then you go to the toppings bar and top, top, top. They charge you by weight, so you just have to be sure your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach, because you are paying for it!

I "yelped" frozen yogurt bars in the Boston area and found at least one. Truthfully, I am surprised ice cream sundae bars never appeared before this. I love "make your own sundaes." Why didn't I think of this?


Jennie said...

I love anything self-serve, including frozen yogurt bars. Berry Freeze in Brookline is self-serve. I've been there several times and it's really good - 6 flavors of yogurt to choose from and a ton of toppings. All have been fresh whenever I've been. Last month I read that TCBY would be opening a self-serve froyo bar not to far from my parents in Avon, CT. I'm excited to try that one.

Bethany said...


First of all, thank you for the great leads! Awesome!

Second of all, that is awesome about TCBY -- I'll have to go next time I am visiting my parents since they live in FARMINGTON! Did you grow up in Avon? We were practically neighbors!

Bethany @ Scoopalicious


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