Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SONIC Sundae Shakes: Tested

The whole family took a trip to SONIC on Saturday afternoon to use our gift card that the folks at SONIC sent us. It's a great date-with-a-baby spot since all potential tantrums take place in the car, not in a restaurant surrounded by others who really don't care to hear screaming. Lucky for us, we didn't have any tantrums. 

We did have some yummy Sundae Shakes though. I had hot fudge and Husband had the strawberry. We both were happy, though Husband felt the shakes weren't particularly "sip-able" (as they are advertised) until they have melted a bit. Husband is a bit impatient. But then again, they were good, so it made sense he was impatient. It was, as appropriately named, just like a sip-able soft serve sundae. Very familiar and very refreshing and fun to drink!

We did just get word that the Sundae Shakes are there for a limited time -- so you'll have to hurry on over to try them. We also got word that the next SONIC treat to arrive on the scene will be Pumpkin Pie Shakes. Um, yes, sister Arianna (of Librarianna and Real Art Ways Archivist fame -- yeah, I am kinda proud of my sister's new profession as a librarian), this news is for you.

There's still time to enter the giveaway so you can win a SONIC gift card -- to try the Sundae Shakes, the Pumpkin Pie Shake, or anything your SONIC heart desires!

OK, now tantrum awaits, so I have to jet. More soon!

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