Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar Variety? Video Contest

Ok, so I have never been a fan of Adam Carolla but he got even lower on my list when he dissed Click and Clack of NPR's Car Talk by saying his new car show would be better than if!

Anyway, but I do love Klondike bars and I would love to see our Scoopalicious readers make better videos than his in Klondike's summer video contests. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Click and Clack entered themselves?! Yay, East Cambridge neighbors!

Anyway, I digress...

There are three different contests to enter, staggered over the course of the summer.

  • Pack the Car (through June 23) -- win a new SUV
  • Grab the Remote (starts June 30) -- win a 3D home entertainment system
  • Ball Toss (starts July 31) -- win a "tricked out" game room

I have to say that because the announcer announces the contest as "a celebration of the average man doing average things in an above average way..." and actually, the contest is called the Everyman Challenge, the whole campaign seems a little "guy-centric" but we assure you any ice cream afficianado whether man or woman has what it takes to win! Especially our readers!

You can also head over to the site to view and vote on your favorite videos.

Not sure I should enter the contest since Adam Carolla is one of the judges and he now knows I am not a fan, but you can still should enter and win the cool prizes so we can brag for you!..

Either way, I need to go grocery shopping right about now, and I might just have to pick up a yummy Klondike Variety while I am out! I am already a huge fan of their sandwiches...

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