Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Only Two More Days of Boston's Scooper Bowl! Starts Today in an HOUR!

Not much else to say about that besides "go, go, go!"

As a reminder:

Government Center, Boston (Green or Blue Line to Government Center Stop)

Wednesday and Thursday from 12-8pm

Flavors (directly from the Scooperbowl site...)

Pink Bubblegum
Premium Churned Light Mint Oreo®
Superfudge Truffle
Wild 'n Reckless Sherbet
Ben & Jerry's®Boston Cream Pie
Bonnaroo BuzzTM
Hannah Teter's Maple Blondie
Milk & Cookies
Phish Food®
Breyer's®Cherry Vanilla
M&M Vanilla
Ciao Bella Gelato®
Blood Orange Sorbet
Key Lime Graham Gelato
Malted Milk Ball Gelato
Mango Sorbet
Cookie Dough
Mocha Chip
Peppermint Stick
Edy's®Birthday Cake
Edy's Maxx Chocolate Cookies & Cream Collision
Edy's Maxx Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk
Orange Sherbet
Garelick Farms/Gifford's®Cherry Amaretto Chocolate
Chocolate Lover's Chocolate
Maine Lobster Tracks
Old Fashioned Vanilla
Bailey's® Irish Cream
Caramel Cone
Mint Chip
Strawberry Sorbet
HP Hood®
Blueberry Frozen Tangy Yogurt
Chocolate Chip
Fenway Fudge
Rainbow Sherbet

More information can be found at the Scooperbowl/Jimmy Fund Website.

We'd love to hear your reviews, etc!


Preppy Sue said...

So much fun, we went last Tuesday evening. It was a beautiful night and the crowds weren't too bad. The Key Lime Graham Gelato was by far my favorite!

How about you?

Tina said...

Sue...that is my favorite too! Glad you had fun. We'll be posting soon about our adventures.


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