Monday, April 12, 2010

Lexus brings us on a road trip to the Cream de la Creme and ice cream. Looks like the people over at Lexus understand the true meaning of premium on and off the road. They took a test run in their online magazine to fill us all in on the Cream de la in class frozen treats all over the US and we're loving it. It's always great to see and hear about hot spots all over the country. We're in our little world here in New England and tend to travel out of our circle every now and then but getting some other inside scoops is always nice.

I love how they put it...premium ice cream demands loyalty. That is so true. If you are a true ice cream aficianado you understand that premium is worth every calorie and you stay true to it (but don't over due it!). You might veer off the road once in awhile to test drive others but then loyalty kicks in. Oh Ben & Jerry how I love you!

Check out Lexus's road trip, Cream de la Creme and check out our little sneak peak.

Ryan Witcher of Art Restaurant in Seattle gives us some good tips....add salt in some flavors to make the flavor linger and use 100% bitter cocoa powder in chocolate ice cream for a faint granular texture. So gotta get there to try the “almost gelato-like mint chocolate chip.”

Who knew Laguna Beach, CA has more gelato stores than ice cream shops. And did you know Gelato is characterized by its low overrun(less air!) and is made with milk instead of cream. In the area..check out Tutto Amore or Gelato Paradiso for some "authentic italian"

Our friends in Milwaukee WI are all about frozen custard over at the 68 year old drive-in shop, Leon's. Their classic....the Rainbow Cone which Scoopalicious dished about awhile back is a tower of ice cream like none other.

Thanks Lexus for giving us the road trip around the country to icy cool hot spots!

Photography from Lexus Magazine

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