Thursday, April 1, 2010

Perry's Ice Cream Introduces a Fresh and Delicious New Gelato Line

"Dear ______, We have a a problem here, don't we? I know I was supposed to wait for Tina, but I stole a taste of the cannoli and I LOVE it...but I don't think we can get it in the MA area, can we?! OMG, this is NOT good!..."

So starts my email to the wonderful person who sent me samples of Perry's Gelato...

Perry's Cannoli Gelato may be on my list of all time favorite ice creams and as with all Perry's Ice Cream treats, it can only be found in New York state. I have been sitting here for about five minutes trying to figure out to explain it. I can't. Let's just say it's way up there with the best and most authentic cannoli I have had on this side of the Atlantic (mind you, I have never been to Italy, so I'm only counting this side of the Atlantic)...those from Modern Pastry in Boston's North End. The gelato is sweet, creamy, with just the right amount of chocolate chips. It's sitting in my freezer right now and it's everything I can do to keep from eating it -- I don't want to destroy my friendship with Tina by not sharing, so I am holding off!

The other flavors were good as well, but it is the Cannoli I am constantly craving.

The Wild Berry was the least of my favorites, at least in texture. The flavor was very good -- a fruity contrast to all the rich other flavors was a nice break. However, like many fruit ice creams/gelatos, the berry chunks were icy, but I have come to learn that this is kind of the nature of naturally made fruity frozen treats.

The Tahitian Vanilla and Pistachio were both good as well -- creamy, and rich and admittedly, even for someone like me who often over does it on frozen treats, both were very good and quite enough in small quantities due to their richness!

The Tahitian Vanilla actually reminded me of butter cream frosting, of which I am a big fan...oooh, it's kind of like they managed to turn butter cream frosting into ice cream, without the extreme density of buttercream frosting.

The Pistachio was the most pistachio flavored ice cream I have ever had. Did you know many of the recipes for pistachio ice cream actually flavor the base with almond flavoring? This definitely was more pistachio than almond, and as much as I love almond-flavored pistachio ice cream, this pistachio-flavored pistachio ice cream.

I'm packing our bags. Someone please let Husband know we are moving to New York so we can get Perry's Gelato.

Mike Brown, Perry's Product Manager, shows us how to best enjoy Perry's gelato...but honestly, with these rich flavors, who can let the carton sit on the counter for five whole minutes to soften just a bit? Um, I can't!

What really stands out about Perry's is that it is all natural and you can tell. The flavors are fresh and definitely not artificial tasting.

This sample certainly was a tease since it is truly wonderful and very inaccessible to us in the Boston area.

New Yorkers/Pennsylvanians who have access to Perry's: I have some coupons! Let us know (by Friday, April 9, noon EST) what your favorite Perry's flavor is in the comments form (be sure there is a way to contact you) and we'll choose some readers to get some coupons in the mail!


Linds said...

Your description made me craving the Tahitian Vanilla aka frosting ice cream flavor. Great write up :) :)

Sarah said...

I LOVE Perry's Ice Cream!! I currently live in Ohio, but when I visit my parents in NY I could use the coupon. My favorite flavor is Mint Ting-a-Ling. Mint ice cream with what they call Swiss chips instead of chocolate chips. It's glorious!

Tina said...

Sign of a true friend and coblogger..saving ice cream for me...especially when you are eating for two these days! But I have to say I am very intrigued and love cannoli and pistachios. I frequent upstate NY so I will be sure to check it out next time I go.

Rachel said...

I live in Virginia and Perry's Cannoli Gelato is at my neighborhood Wegmans. I am SO glad!

Anonymous said...

I live in the Western New York area and have had this gelato, it is amazing! I actually grew up in Quincy, MA and made trips to the Modern Pastry all the time as a kid. My mom loves their biscotti and they have THE BEST cannoli's I have ever had! I will definitely agree with you that the gelato is a very very close comparison!!

Paul @ Ice Cream Maker Reviews said...

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend were I live. So my ice cream consumption average should increase. Hopefully!


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