Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chi-Town's "Original Rainbow Cone"

God love the Food Network...what would I watch without it. Tonight I discoverd a Chicago favorite and classic ice cream treat that sounds oh so yummy. It's the "original Rainbow Cone" and it was highlighted on a recent episode of Unwrapped. I love to hear about must haves in different cities and this is one that is quite simple but unique. And one I must try the next time I make it to Chicago (hubby goes there often, may have to piggy back just for this!).

So what is this "Rainbow Cone"? Back in 1926, on Chicago's South Side, this special treat was created for a mere 12.5 cents and 82 years later its still kickin, with lines out the door, but at a whopping $3.50. Simply its a plain cone stacked with first chocolate ice cream, then strawberry, Palmer House (french vanilla with cherries and walnuts), pistachio, and orange sherbet. And yes in that exact order every time making a rainbow of sweet colors. The sherbet is your first lick to cleanse the palette (pretty fancy!) and the chocolate is on the bottom to not intefere with the nuts and fruit flavors. Wow, a true science to this one.

Oh and they also are very particular about how its placed on the cone. They don't scoop, they slice so it really creates an arch of flavors (thus the rainbow) not scoops on top of eachother. It's pretty cool. Wish I could find a picture.

According to one Yelp visitor, "this is a Taste of Chicago staple, this place is like heaven for the indecisive, because an Original Rainbow Cone has five flavors of super sweet and creamily old timey ice cream all piled up together on the same cone..."

Time to get to the Windy City!


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty tasty:

Russell G.

arianna said...

this is a good shot of one, too!

Bethany said...

Arianna and Anonymous -- GREAT pictures! I am drooling.

Bethany @ Scoopalicious

Anonymous said...

Am just finishing the 2nd pint is the best ice cream experience I've ever had, but one caveat on carry-out: you don't necessarily get the true "rainbow" slicing of flavors...although I don't really care. They do, however, somehow pack it with the chocolate on the far left of the pint, so careful scooping will get you within 95% of the real thing.


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