Sunday, October 4, 2009

Superman Ice Cream

A while back we got an email from Quinn Strassel at The Mitten, a Michigan-based culture and food blog. He told us about Superman Ice Cream and the write-up/video he did on it, his own interest being inspired by the article in Serious Eats. Quinn's video is not to miss, with a question-and-answer from an ice cream man and his son, a cute curly haired little girl, Miss Pigtails who hopes Superman will swoop down and take her away as she eats the ice cream, and of course, Quinn's very own history with the ice cream.

Superman Ice Cream: A Michigan Specialty from John McCarthy on Vimeo.

While Quinn explains it as, "A Michigan Thing," east coasters aren't totally out of luck. I think I saw it on the menu at Yum Yum's in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.

His research piqued our interest, especially since he talks about Blue Moon Ice Cream (another "not-very-East-Coast" thing) that we wrote about a while back. Rumor has it that Blue Moon Ice Cream might be one of the mystery flavors in Superman Ice Cream.

Since Quinn is the expert, without further ado, I'll send you over to his posting to learn more about it.

Oh, and Quinn? Props from your New England pals for the fella in the Red Sox hat!

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