Friday, October 2, 2009

So Oooey and Good!

How can anyone pass up an ice cream dessert that has the words "truffle" and "Gooey" and "Brownie" in its name. Oh and did I forget "chocolate" and "fudge"!

Seriously what doesn't this sweet little treat have in it. When this was sent to me I opened the box and a light shined upon two boxes of Culinary Circle's Chocolate Truffle Gooey Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Dessert. So what to do but immediately tear one open and break out my spoon. The picture on the box made this look way to good to save for later.

I must say this was quite good. The ice cream which was layers of two different chocolates was super creamy and it was topped with lots of chewy truffle brownie bits that sat amongst a pool of gooey fudge. My problem was that I couldn't stop eating it and seriously finished it myself. Hard to tell the size here and when you open it it surely looks like one person could easily handle this but really its for two and I had a big ol' belly ache after devouring it all on my own (but I was eating for two at the time so its okay right?!).

One tip I would have is to let it sit and thaw slightly for a few minutes to allow for the fudge topping to become a smoother consistency. Regardless its good but this allows for it to flow better and not be so thick. I do have to say if you put this on a fancy plate and drizzled some fudge swirls on the plate you'd think you were in a fancy restaurant. And actually that is what the brand is trying to achieve...."With chef inspired cuisine that mirrors today’s most popular restaurants, Culinary Circle is transforming creative casual dining at home." I'd definitely serve this to my guests and actually did. They had the same reaction...super good, rich, and sweet. This is definitely a chocolate lover's dream!

This was sent to me and I had never seen the brand before so not sure exactly where to lead you to get it but the site does have a store locator. Unfortunately it gave me addresses but no store names but there are store logos on the site that may be near you. Looks like they sell many other yummy looking prepared foods for the busy cook that could be worth checking out. If the quality and taste are as good as this sweet treat I might have to try them myself.


Anonymous said...

Culinary Circle is a new line of products that can only be found in SuperValue banner stores, which include: Shaw's Supermarket, Star Market, Acme, Biggs, Jewel-Osco, Bristol Farms and Cub Foods to name a few.

The new frozen desserts are "to die for", but they also have some very yummy frozen pizzas (Garlic Chicken Alfredo anyone?) and other products as well.

Anonymous said...

I've actually bought the pizzas at my grocery store and they are truly good pizzas. Best crust I,ve ever found in a frozen pizza. And to think I only tried them for the $5.00price! I had no idea they made frozen desserts as well. That Ooey Gooey thing looks scrumptious but I'll let you know for sure after the weekend.

Anonymous said...

The Culinary Circle is an Albertsons Own Brand and available at any store! (Including the stores listed above as part of the Supervalu banner of stores)

Anything Culinary Circle is DELICIOUS!


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