Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Size matters. Eat more.

So funny and how true in the world of ice frozen yogurt/ice cream. So here lives Frolick ("fro" and "lick" it!) and the creator of these awesome pins. Well not really here since if you are visiting Singapore soon then you can actually try it but none the less its a fun spot we've heard about and had to talk about. Who knew a fro-yo place could be edgy, anti-establishment, fun, politically incorrect, and health conscious all at the same time. Move over Pinkberry with your holier than thou attitude. Note...I have never had Pinkberry and do admire the brand but in tough times we all need something to make us smile and Frolick sure seems to do the job. If only it was nearby. Not sure how I even came across this place but its about time someone put the fun in frozen yogurt. Is their a reason one must feel like raising their pinky when they eat frozen yogurt? Well Frolick figured out that ice cream's skinny friend, frozen yogurt, could let its hair down once and for all and be good all at the same time. Check out their web site to see what we're talking about.

As for the yogurt, according to their web site, tasters claim it to be tart and refreshing. In the world of fro-yo that surely is no differentiator but their vision sure is. Unfortunately we can't visit a shop to truly see if this fun brand that lives online is actually carried out in stores and lives up to the raves but I get the feeling it wouldn't disappoint.

And as for these fun pins, get em while they're hot on their site.

What are the odds we can find someone who has actually tried this? If you are that lucky person I am sure we have some prize for you (well maybe if you can prove it!).

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