Thursday, October 8, 2009

Biography on CNBC: Ben and Jerry's

Today Tina and I got an interesting email from someone at CNBC. Unfortunately, I was running out the door to meet Husband in Boston for our weekly date (we went to see Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me live), so I didn't get a chance to post about this before now. Here's part of the email we got:

See how two friends with a passion for food turned a little Vermont ice cream shop into one of the most famous names in the business tonight on "Biography on CNBC: Taste of Success" at 10P ET. After a crash course in ice cream making, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield opened their first store. Unsure how to retain customers after the hot summer months ended, they used wacky promotional tricks to entice their customers to return. Now, Ben & Jerry’s is a company on a mission to mix social activism and business…and at the same time, turn a profit. Watch Ben & Jerry's biography tonight at 10p ET on CNBC.

Visit Biography on CNBC for web extras.

Ernie (the pup) and I are watching some of it now while I post and he rests his head on the keyboard.

It's late though and I am tired so I won't get to finish watching...but I can't wait! I am also especially intrigued by their desire to promote social responsibility. I'll watch my recording later this week. I am especially interested to see how they show the sale to Unilever.

Don't worry. You didn't miss it! I am told it re-airs Sunday, October 11th at 11PM Eastern Time and Wednesday, October 21st at 12AM Eastern.

Here's a little side note: Ben's daughter Aretha has an extra special birthday: July 31, 1990 -- so when I was celebrating my eleventh birthday, Ben was celebrating the birth of his new baby girl. Oh, and Jerry has a son named Tyrone...I'm sure those kids have a pretty "sweet" life.

Well, be sure to catch it next time it is on! It's quite a treat!

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Ice Cream Forum said...

Oh darn it, I hadn't heard about this program... wish I was on their mailing list for ice cream-related stuff! How did you get on it? (Any idea if/when this will be shown again?)


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