Monday, March 30, 2009

Taste testing: Mrs. Fields Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

When I was in middle school and I actually liked to shop, my mom used to drop friends and I at Westfarms Mall. Among the new found freedoms of being away from my parents, I found this sweet treat in Mrs. Field's Cookie Cups that I could buy with my own money. What an addiction, those frosting filled chocolate chip cookies! I loved the frosting filled cookies. In fact, I even bought Mrs. Field's Cookie Book in hopes of making the same recipe. To my dismay, the recipe wasn't in the book...but there were some other pretty good recipes in it that made it worth keeping!

Fast forward almost twenty years. I haven't had a Cookie Cup in ages. I'm dangerously wandering down the ice cream aisle at Hannaford's and a red box shouts out at me "Pick me! Pick me!" What's this? Mrs. Fields cookies and Breyer's Ice Cream? What a treat. My arm, still sore from my yoga class (oh the irony) reaches into the freezer...

Later that night, Husband ask for dessert. I send him down to the chest freezer for the sandwiches, silently hoping he won't look too far and find his birthday present. If he did, he says nothing. He emerges from the basement, cookie in hand, and complains to me that he should have known how small they would be, the box being so light.

Later on, I bring up my own cookie sandwich. He's right. It is small. But it's actually refreshing -- in a world of supersizing, it's nice to see that Breyer's and Mrs. Fields know that this works well as a "good things come in small packages" kind of treat. If it were bigger, I'm sure I would have finished it. But truth be told, I was really truly satisfied with the three-ounce sandwich one serving had to offer.

The only thing that struck me as strange was the number of servings per container: five. Yeah, that's right. Five. I have never gotten anything in an odd number. I have gotten four, or six, or eight, but never five. Five doesn't fit neatly in a box. Why five? It does make me think of growing up in a family of five -- six ice cream treats? Who got the last one? Four cupcakes? How do you divide that? But then again, five causes those same problems for the family of four or the family of six.

Overall, I was happy with my purchase. Husband, if you have complaints, don't eat 'em! I'll gladly eat your remaining one and a half sandwiches!

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