Sunday, March 1, 2009

All you Turkey Hill lovers....recall on ice cream with peanuts

Take more peanut item off the shelves and this time its affecting our beloved ice cream and a favorite brand of ours, Turkey Hill.

Unfortunately a half dozen ice cream and frozen yogurt products have been voluntarily recalled by Turkey Hill because they contain peanuts from Peanut Corp. of America, the current focus of the ongoing salmonella investigations.

These products were distributed in New England and eight other states on the East Coast. According to their website..."The company has not received any consumer illness complaints about these products, however we are taking this precautionary step to safeguard our customers and consumers."

Here's the list of affected flavors in 1.5 quart containers...
Tin Roof Sundae
Chocolate Nutty Moose Tracks Light Recipe
Nutty Caramel Caribou Frozen Yogurt
Peanut Brittle No Sugar Added Recipe
Peanut Butter Mania Light Recipe
Dynamic Duos Movie Night Ice Cream

Have any of these flavors in your freezer?
If so, return them to the store of purchase for a full refund or trash 'em immediately. And then run out and replace them with a yummy flavor not on this suggestion and personal favorite, Choco Mint Chip. Can never go wrong with that one!

Have questions? Contact Turkey Hill toll free at 800-MY-DAIRY.


Turkey Hill Team said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word, Tina! We're happy to report that three of the recalled flavors -- Tin Roof Sundae, Chocolate Nutty Moose Tracks Light Recipe, and Nutty Caramel Caribou Frozen Yogurt --
have been produced with new ingredients and will be back on shelves soon. The others will be back before too long as well.

James said...

I love all peanut item.


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