Thursday, February 19, 2009

The buzz about The Fizz

Who doesn’t love a root beer float?! Now an ingenious way to enjoy this childhood specialty on the go from "The Fizz." Let’s see where to start....first off these samples came to me at my office so 10 corporate marketing professionals all test ran this fun product. Well I doubt we are the true target market and an executive conference room is not the norm for enjoying The Fizz but nonetheless we had fun and became kids again. As you can see from my photo diary you start with a bottle of root beer and vanilla ice cream, then The Fizz cup, fill it with vanilla ice cream, and insert straw in the center. This then screws onto the top of a plastic rootbeer bottle. Place the lid atop and squeeze the plastic soda bottle. Volcano starts to erupt, cup starts to fill with rootbeer, ice cream starts to blend in and shazaaamm . . . instant rootbeer float that combines the soda and ice cream to yummy perfection.

According to the website this product was developed "as a way to put a fun new spin on an all-American classic: the root beer float. He sought a way to simplify the process of making a soda float, at the same time making it more fun to drink. His concept was to devise a “mixing chamber” that would separate the ingredients and allow the float drinker to mix them as desired, and also make it fun visually as the soda mixes with the ice cream to create an eruption of foam. "

It's simple but not. It's on the go but not. You must have all your ingredients...soda, ice cream, and Fizz cups ready...and a place to assemble your concoction then "go" and its simple to put together but not as simple as throwing a scoop in a glass but then you can't just go which is the point of this all! Overall we had a blast with it and it was quite entertaining to see us all in suits sipping our Fizz. I bet my daughter would get a kick out of this as would anyone wanting to relive their childhood days of sipping root beer floats.
6 Pack$12.99 (includes shipping...does not include ice cream or soda)
Oh and the cup is reusable, but not dishwasher safe.

The buzz from our taste testers....

"Love it but there is something about wanting to take the cover off and scoop the ice cream like you do with a true root beer float. Regardless it brought me back childhood memories at the soda fountain."

"I expected this to be messy and the concoction mixed and flowed under my control of a squeeze."

"This was fun and certainly a novel idea! Root beer float was good, but as my true passion is the ice cream, I too had frustrations with not being able to get the ice cream with a spoon. I am actually excited to try it with the other "recipes" on the cup..."
  • [The Float: Ice Cream, Soda, Whipped Cream (oooh, we forgot the whipped cream!)
  • The Smoothie: Yogurt, Juice, Milk (ooh, healthy!)
  • The Milkshake: Ice Cream, Milk, Syrup (this sounds right up my alley!)
  • The Snow Cone: Crushed Ice, Flavored Syrup (I think I'll pass on this one, as I am not one for snow cones...)]
"Also loving it for it's "green" aspects. The "apparatus" is certainly strong enough to hold up to handwashing and reuse! Oh. One other thing...this does not work with glass bottles, so your Stewart's float is out of the question..."

"This would be really useful at a hockey game. At the Minnesota Wild game, Jeff and I had to go down two floors to get root beer floats and then come back through a crowd. I'm still not sure how we did it."

"I didn't actually try it, but i did think the idea was pretty cool."

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Stef said...

I have never heard of anything like this. Fascinating! Looks like something I would want to try once.


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