Friday, February 13, 2009

Treat Your Sweatheart to Something Sweet

The countdown is on for V-day....two more days! If you are like me, someone who dreads Valentine's day and moreso becasue its so forced, you are probably still out there trying to figure out those last minute gifts....something thoughtful or just sweet. Funny thing is this year I am going the opposite ....husband is getting Rockband! Not so thoughtful or sweet and can't even believe I am admitting this but he wants it so Valentine's day is a good excuse...I already have the cheesy line on my card ready...will you be my rockstar?!

Anyways, besides that fun stuff there is always room for ice cream and what a better excuse. Ditch the chocolate and be down with ice cream for your loved one. Take him/her to DQ for a Love Blizzard, stop in Coldstone for a Hunka Chunka Burnin Fudge Sundae, or check out any of these creamy delights to enjoy at home with your loved ones.

Dairy Queen
Choco Cherry Love Blizzard® - it's the Blizzard® of the Month!
Sweet cherries lovingly blended with rich chocolate chunks and creamy vanilla soft serve.
Text Color

Coldstone Creamery
Love Duets
Hunka Chunka Burnin Fudge
Sweet Strawberry Romance Cake
Sweet Treat Cupcakes

Maggie Moos
Hip Cupckaes a la mode

JP Licks
Chocolate Covered Oreo Heart Cake– Two layers of incredible Oreo ice cream with a layer of homemade fudge in between and covered in rich, smooth chocolate ganache.
Elegant Vanilla Heart Cake– For the purest of hearts, celebrate the day witha simply elegant vanilla ice cream cake, hand-packed with love, and tastefully decorated.

Baskin Robbins
Sweetheart Cake
"Be Mine" Mini Valentine Cake
Chocolate Indulgence Cake
White Chocolate Strawberry 31° Below™

Turkey Hill - Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolate
Limited EditionPremium Ice CreamMilk chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate raspberry cups, chocolate almonds and white chocolate chunks swirled with chocolate chips.

1 comment:

EB said...

I'm still working on my chocolate blackberry batch (which I hadn't planned on being VDAY themed but I guess it is!) buuuut I want that box o chocolates flavor! pronto!


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