Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Blogiversary to Us!

Today marks the one year anniversary of Scoopalicious!

On January 2, 2008, Tina wrote the first post...little did she know that over those first days of January 2008, Bethany too was contemplating starting an ice cream blog! So we joined forces on January 8, 2008, and Scoopalicious as you know it today was born!

Tell us what your favorite post was over the past year and enter to win some coupons for free ice cream! Deadline is Monday, January 12th. Please be sure to include an email address at which we can contact you.

The image at left is one of the last days of work together and I was so sad to leave Tina. Luckily, Scoopalicious has kept us in touch more than I could have imagined. The photo was Poladorided! (Have fun with Poladroid, but warning, it is addictive!)


Janelle said...

I came a little later in the year to Scoopalicious, but I liked the post about the ice cream party, with 30 or more different flavors. That was fun to see how many you could come up with.

Triple Scoop said...

Keep up the fun! Your posts are very entertaining!

arianna said...

Congrats! My favorite was the weird ice cream flavors post, because I had so much fun helping out with that. :)

Bakerella said...

Time flies. Congratulations.

I'm off to have some ice cream to celebrate!


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