Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kevin Cyr's Koolman on

So I subscribe to the 20x200 mailing list. 20x200 is an awesome project by Jen Beckman. The 20x200 site says it best: "On a Sunday night back in January, Jen came up with a formula: "(limited editions x low prices) + the internet = art for everyone." The concept is fabulous.

I have been busy out in Minnesota with my nephews, coloring and watching movies, and now that four-year-old Evan is napping I had a minute to check my email and I found a print I just needed to post about about.

This week's print is Kevin Cyr's Koolman -- an ice cream truck! What could be finer? The unfortunate part is that I got to this a little late, and only the bigger sizes are available. All 200 of the $20 size (8.5"x11") is sold out, so our only remaining options are to spend $200 on one of the remaining 14 (out of 20) 22"x17" prints or $2,000 on one of the two that measure 30"x40"...even the $200 print are going fast so I'd act now if you just have to have one...(I'm hoping Husband reads this post before they sell out -- otherwise he's stuck contacting Mass College of Art grad (yay Fenway area art schools!) Kevin Cyr to see if the original 24"x48" oil on plywood is still available.

For more of Cyr's fabulous work, visit his website.
Image credit: © Kevin Cyr,

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