Sunday, November 2, 2008

And the winner is.....

Can you tell its the countdown to this Tuesday's big festivities at the polls. Yeah we know, we are an ice cream blog but we are amazed at how many connections ice cream has with the election and its our civic duty to keep our fellow bloggers informed. Today we give you the answer you've all been anxiously awaiting (I know sitting on the edge of your seats I am sure!).

A few weeks back we posted about the fun online election, Flavor Debate 08, that our friends at Baskin Robbins were having in honor of the Presidential Election. Just to give you some background in case you missed that post, the flavor debate was between Obama's "A Whirl of Change" ice cream (Peanut-Nougat ice cream whirled with chunks of chocolate-covered peanut brittle and a caramel ribbon) and McCain's "Straight Talk Crunch" ice cream (Caramel ribbon, chocolate pieces, candy red states and crunchy mixed nuts swirled into White Chocolate ice cream). Baskin Robbins stores across the nation had each flavor on hand and polls were open in stores and online throughout Sept/Oct to vote for your favorite flavor. And that people did. Baskin Robbins had nearly half a million people vote, and just as we expect Tuesday's race to be, it was way too close.

Obama 's Whirl of Change 51%
McCain's Straight Talk Crunch 49%

Now that was tight! Well this election was truly a yummy one. More instant gratification in this race but Tuesday's election has long term effects so if you didn't get a chance to vote in this tempting election you definitely must get out and vote this Tuesday.

1 comment:

Ivy said...

This is funny! The outcome of the ice cream #s almost reflects the real #s on the candidates.
We'll see what happens tomorrow. :)


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